Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar celebrates, his relapse is terrible

Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar celebrates, his relapse is terrible

Absent for Pelé’s funeral on Monday, Neymar was not forcibly retained by PSG. His decision is surprising in Brazil, especially since the attacking midfielder showed up in full celebration a few hours later.

And another controversy for Neymar. Last Monday, the number 10 of Paris Saint-Germain surprised by showing up at Camp des Loges for training. The Brazilian was rather expected in his country where the funeral of King Pelé took place. Apparently, the former Santos player did not want to go there, since several sources claim that his leaders did not prevent him from making the trip to Rio for this necessarily very special occasion. Suffice to say that Neymar’s decision goes badly in Brazil, especially after the publication on social networks of photos and videos of singer Ana Aoas.

Indeed, the Brazilian artist has published the video of a party where she shares a song with the number 10 of PSG and Seleçao, but also with the wife of Marquinhos. ” A wonderful night doing what I love the mostcommented the singer on Instagram. How nice it was to sing near my family who are the biggest supporters of this adventure! And it was a nice surprise to sing with these two. Neymar’s detractors disagree. Unsurprisingly, many believe the star preferred to have fun the day his compatriots were mourning the death of a legend who still supported him shortly before his passing.

Neymar Sr attended the funeral

As a reminder, the player had preferred to send his father to the funeral. ” Today we are here to support the family, we have lost a lot. He inspired so many people and the sport. He has inspired all generations, he has always been a reference. That’s why my son asked me to be here instead. No, Neymar is not coming “, had confided Neymar Senior to the local press, before the publication on the social network of the photos of his son in the middle of a party in Paris. What necessarily attract attention to a Neymar Jr never the last to offer long festive evenings, including therefore when his country is in full national mourning following the death of King Pelé.

And even if Paris Saint-Germain has nothing to do with this story, necessarily seeing Neymar still wet in this sad story should not make Nasser Al-Khelaifi happy. The Qatari president of PSG was very clear last spring when discussing the private lives of his players, targeting Neymar without naming him. We expect all players to do much more than last season. Much more ! They must all be 100%. Obviously, we weren’t good enough to go far. For next season, the objective is clear: to work every day at 200%. Give everything we got for this jersey, and we’ll see the result “, had warned the boss of the champions of France. Neymar’s little evening probably did not reassure NAK.