his cash response to Emiliano Martinez’s provocations, “it’s not my problem”

his cash response to Emiliano Martinez's provocations,

Target of mockery from Argentine players after their victory, Kylian Mbappe wanted to speak out. It front of Provocation of Emiliano Martinez, the Frenchman had a cash answer. Obviously, it doesn’t affect him.

The World Cup is already a thing of the past for the native of Bondy. While most of the players present at the tournament are enjoying a few days off, he has already returned to the field. To the surprise of his trainer, he showed up at training on December 21 in the morning, barely three days after the defeat of the Blues against Argentina. He also said about it. “I said that I would come back, whatever the result, because I felt good, I wanted to continue playing, I didn’t want to go on vacation right away”.

Mocked by the Argentinian goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, Kylian Mbappé had a cash response

the match against the South Americans was nevertheless trying, only ending at the end of overtime by a session of shots on goal which often resembles a lottery. During the exercise, the Argentinian goalkeeper distinguished himself and was also voted best goalkeeper of the tournament. The rest of his performance, however, had much less class.

Kylian Mbappé has already returned to competition with Paris Saint-Germain

Between obscene gestures and multiple Provocation under the eyes of the cameras, Emiliano Martinez stood out. And his mockery was particularly aimed at number 10 of the France team. This one apparently didn’t just make friends with Leo Messi’s teammates.

On December 28, the Paris Saint-Germain striker found the competition and the path of the nets. He scored from the penalty spot the winning goal of his team after a sluggish match. He took the opportunity to speak in front of the cameras at the end of the meeting and returned to theArgentinian attitude and their goalie in particular.

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The teasing does not affect him

“Celebrations are not my problem. You shouldn’t waste energy on such trivial things. » Obviously, Kylian Mbappé pays little attention what he considers to be anecdotal. Hard to know state of mind real of the player as he is at ease in his communication.

But PSG supporters can be sure of one thing. He is already completely focused on the next deadlines of his team and his want to win is intact. “The important thing for me is to give the best of myself for the club. », he added. The young man, who has just turned 24, is also eager to find his partner, Leo Messi, despite their confrontation in the final. “We’re going to wait for Leo to come back so we can start winning games and scoring goals again. »