Kylian Mbappé already back at PSG ahead of potentially tense reunion with Lionel Messi

Kylian Mbappé already back at PSG ahead of potentially tense reunion with Lionel Messi

Between sense of duty and idleness, Kylian Mbappé has decided. This very clear choice was even put forward by his employer. Paris Saint-Germain broadcast on social networks, Wednesday morning, December 21, the images of the top scorer of the World Cup back in training, barely three days after the final lost by the French team against to Argentina.

How is the Blues striker, who looked particularly gloomy after the defeat (3-3 ap, 4-2 pens) against Albiceleste, in Lusail (Qatar), Sunday, December 18, as well as the next day, during reunion of the Blues with the French public, place de la Concorde, in Paris? “It’s better, better, better, better”, quickly slipped Mbappé, gray sportswear, through the front door of the PSG training center. The player’s early return is a surprise because like all his teammates who participated in the World Cup in Qatar, he was supposed to benefit from at least ten days of rest after the competition.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Christophe Galthier, PSG coach, commented on the club channel on the early return of Kylian Mbappé. “I am very happy to see Kylian, said the Parisian coach. He made a big World Cup. It is also a strong signal for everyone, that a player who obviously may have been disappointed not to lift the most beautiful of trophies, even if he was top scorer, comes very quickly into contact with the group to prepare for upcoming deadlines. Obviously, we are very happy to have him back. »

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At the same time, between a sense of celebration and a sense of camaraderie, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé’s partner at Paris Saint-Germain, seems to have not decided. Since Sunday evening, the Albiceleste captain has been enjoying the pleasure of Argentina’s post-world title festivities. Laughing in the locker room after the final or in the double-decker bus in which the Argentines paraded on Tuesday, December 20, when they returned to Buenos Aires, Messi has so far not bothered to speak out to try to put an end to the nauseating demonstrations of some of his teammates or fans of his country towards Mbappé.

“Minute of silence for Mbappé”

In this regard, the Albiceleste goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, was particularly “distinguished”. From Sunday evening, in the locker room of the Lusail stadium, he demanded “a minute of silence for Mbappé”. Tuesday, on the platform of the double-decker bus which transported the Albiceleste, the same, shirtless next to Lionel Messi, harangued the crowd with, in his arms, a doll on which a photo of the face of Kylian Mbappé had been pinned.

Another scene likely to create lasting tensions between the two PSG stars is circulating on social networks. We see Messi, hilarious, receiving a “Ninja turtle” plush, an old nickname (not really subtle) of the French striker being Donatello, one of the characters of the cartoon.

Argentinian fans had gestures in even worse taste. Some of them burned a fake coffin with a photo of Kylian Mbappé on it. This image and the slip-ups of Emiliano Martinez circulated widely on social networks but, again, Messi did not see fit to speak publicly to call his compatriots to order.

Scaloni plays appeasement

Inexcusable, the actions and words, sometimes racist, of certain Argentine supporters could be a reaction to the remarks made by Kylian Mbappé, in May, in an interview with the Argentine television channel TNT Sports. “The advantage we have, the Europeans, is that we always play among ourselves and we have high-level matches all the time, like in the League of Nations, said the PSG striker. When we arrive at the World Cup, we are ready, where Brazil and Argentina do not have this level. In South America, football is not as advanced as in Europe. That’s why the last World Cups, if you look, it’s always the Europeans who win. »

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To date, only Lionel Scaloni, the coach of Argentina, has sought to restore calm: “For me, his words were misinterpreted, because he plays with South American teammates and he understands very well, he commented on Tuesday at a press conference. There are times when he [ne faut pas] get into the argument, because I don’t think that’s what he wanted at all. »

Contacted on Wednesday by The world, Collectif Ultras Paris, the main group of Paris Saint-Germain supporters, does not wish to comment on this situation and does not comment on the reception that will be reserved for Lionel Messi on his return to the capital club. Paris Saint-Germain are due to resume competition on December 28, as part of the 16e Ligue 1 day, during which he will receive Strasbourg at the Parc des Princes.

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