Mercato / PSG – Timing, motivation and Mbappé: should Paris extend Messi?

Mercato / PSG - Timing, motivation and Mbappé: should Paris extend Messi?

He is the man who will liven up the month of January at PSG. Lionel Messi, who returned to Paris after celebrating his world championship title with Argentina, is at the center of many questions. The reception of the Parc des Princes for the one who was one of the most severe executioners of the Blues in the final of the World Cup. The ability of the seven-time Ballon d’Or to maintain his exceptional level of play from the start of the season after achieving his career dream. And of course his future, six months from the end of his contract with PSG.

This question seems already settled. Messi and Paris would agree to continue their collaboration. In the minds of the Parisian leaders, the future is probably written with the Argentinian, who will celebrate his 36th birthday next June. In that of the player, the conditions to continue the Parisian adventure are clearly met. He ended up adapting to his new club and to life in Paris after a difficult first year. It was seen on the ground. Everyone seems on the same wavelength and only a few details need to be settled to confirm it. The signing is expected in January. But some questions remain.

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Galtier: ‘I hope our fans will celebrate the world champion Messi’


Is this the best timing?

There is obviously a major stake in sealing Messi’s future as soon as possible. As it stands, as long as he has not signed his new contract, the former Barcelonan is free to sign with the club of his choice now before joining them on July 1st. In order to keep its star, Paris has an interest in acting quickly to avoid possible competition. Rumors of a departure to Inter Miami have circulated. Those of a return to Barcelona, ​​too. But PSG probably has the best arguments, between the sporting challenge offered by the capital club, and its financial power which allows it to offer an annual salary estimated at 40 million euros for the Pulga.

Paris is in a strong position and this raises the question of timing. The Parisian leaders also have the possibility of procrastinating at the dawn of a particularly dense and uncertain second part of the season. It will define the needs of PSG during the next summer transfer window. Prolonging Messi on the same salary conditions is already a significant financial effort on the attack while the defense and the midfield are two sectors which offer less guarantees within the Ile-de-France club. With that in mind, waiting until spring made sense. But the Parisian management probably did not want to retain this option.

What state of mind for Messi?

This is a legitimate doubt, without calling into question the professionalism of the Pulga. As divine as he is on the pitch, Messi remains a human being who has just fulfilled a dream. That of a career, but above all of a life. On a mental level, the impact of this world title acquired at a high level with the Albiceleste on his performance at PSG remains to be determined. Will the Argentinian show the same motivation and the same involvement in the club after having achieved his ultimate goal in selection? That’s the question. And only the second half of the season will answer it.

Galtier: ‘I hope our fans will celebrate the world champion Messi’

She perhaps deserved that the Parisian leaders did not rush to extend it, as the answer will be crucial for their project. Having finally lifted this World Cup can, however, be accompanied by positive effects for PSG. There are also reasons to imagine that the Argentine, freed from that weight and at the peak of his confidence, is having a flamboyant year. This would be the ideal scenario for Paris. The one he obviously bet on, with all the risks that entails if it doesn’t happen.

What consequences for Mbappé?

Prolonging Messi is also a financial issue, with all the economic fallout that results from it in terms of marketing. But it is first and foremost a sporting choice with multiple technical consequences, especially for Kylian Mbappé. The Frenchman is more than ever the figurehead of the Parisian project since his contract extension last May and his agreement with the Argentine genius worked perfectly before the World Cup. But the Parisian leaders clearly had the idea of ​​​​associating him with a world-class center forward, without achieving their ends during the last summer transfer window, to place him in the playing conditions he likes the most.

That didn’t stop Mbappé from performing well. Christophe Galtier found a form of compromise by replacing Neymar at the top of a diamond midfielder to let the star of the Blues work in his favorite area, on the left side of the attack. But there remains the impression that the Frenchman sometimes suffers from the absence of a real point by his side. And it’s hard to imagine Messi moving down a notch given his lack of defensive work. Renewing the Argentinian’s lease is the guarantee for PSG to have the two best players of the last World Cup still associated in attack. But this does not necessarily mean placing the person who embodies his present and his future under the conditions that his status implies.

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