Olivier and Jennifer Giroud overwhelmed in Milan

Olivier and Jennifer Giroud overwhelmed in Milan

Olivier Giroud certainly showed his class at the World Cup and despite the defeat in the final against Argentina, he returns to Milan steeped in confidence.

And he would be about to renew his contract. But his wife, Jennifer would not hear it that way. And it is said that Kylian Mbappé would have a secret plan.

According to Sky Italia, the Milanese club wants to keep its star striker, record holder of enemy goals for the France team.

But the decision would ultimately be up to the player himself. If he decides to stay in Italy, renewal would certainly not be a problem.
The update comes amid rumors that Milan’s contract offer “was too low”, which would have forced Olivier Giroud to reassess the situation. A departure would have been considered.

The Italian media suggests that the rival of Olivier Giroud would be subject to a little pressure from Jennifer, supposed to hate his life in Milan.
She was hoping for either a return to London, and maybe even a short stint in Paris. This is where Kylian Mbappé would come in.

“Maybe Kylian Mbappé will try to bring Giroud to PSG since they play well with each other and are super accomplices on the pitch,” said a source. “And he’s been asking for a good No.9 to land at PSG for some time.”