PSG: Messi, Neymar … Galtier makes a big confession about Mbappé

PSG: Messi, Neymar ... Galtier makes a big confession about Mbappé

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Neymar and Lionel Messi absent, PSG did not exist against RC Lens this Sunday. The surprising northern club managed to thwart the plans of Christophe Galtier, who once again trusted Kylian Mbappé. The French international appeared discreet during this meeting. But for the technician, the absence of his two teammates has nothing to do with it.

First defeat of the season for the PSG. The Parisian club bowed to its dolphin on RC Lens (3-1), who is getting closer to his evening opponent in the standings. For this shock, Christophe Galtier had to do without the services of Neymar, suspended, and of Lionel Messi, whose return to Paris is expected on Tuesday. Present at a press conference after the meeting, Christophe Galtier showed his disappointment after this defeat.

Galtier disappointed after RC Lens

Obviously it was not the priority objective to remain undefeated all season. There was no particular pressure to stumble one day or another. It happened tonight and the opponent deserves it. We haven’t been good. It was never a goal defined by anyone, neither me, nor the club management nor the players. It’s not so much the defeat that hurts but the fact that the team did not speak “said the coach of the PSG.

Mbappé lonely this Sunday

The technician stopped on the delivery of Kylian Mbappe, discreet on his left side this Sunday. ” Kylian made a lot of effort, even at 3-1 he showed a very good state of mind. Unfortunately, he failed to make the difference because in front, it defended well. They regrouped well in front of the surface, so there were fewer and fewer spaces. Faced with low blocks and an opponent who has the advantage in scoring, you have to have a lot of talent and technical accuracy” dropped Galtier.

“There is no excuse to have”

But the lackluster performance of Mbappe has nothing to do with the lack of Neymar and Messi according to Galtier.Our two players, Leo and Ney, were not there but there is no excuse for the fact that we lost because there were absentees. No. We are going to face a second part of the season with a lot of games. There will be absences, injuries, malforms and suspensions. You have to know how to be really better, even with the absence of major players. did he declare. Mbappe will now be able to take advantage of a few days of rest, granted by his trainer.