“Ramos is at the end and it pains me”, points out Di Meco

According to Eric Di Meco, PSG defender Sergio Ramos is coming to an end, even if he manages to chain games this season. “Seeing him like that is a pain,” he explains in particular about his match against Lens.

“We all have a bonus in our career and we also have the twilight, a more or less brilliant, more or less visible end of career. I was one of those who was enthusiastic to see Sergio Ramos arrive at PSG”. At the microphone of Rothen ignites on RMC, Eric Di Meco expresses his disappointment with Sergio Ramos’ season with PSG.

“I thought that this boy could be the missing link because of his experience, his grinta, his winning, believes the former Marseille defender. This guy has won everything. (…) I thought his injuries from Real would be resolved, that he could play regularly. The big problem is that when I see him suffer as he suffers on the field, that is to say in defensive gestures where he excelled, to to return, to anticipate… The match against Lens, to see it like that, it is a suffering”.

“When behind, you start to have the wings touching the track, it shows”

“It does not take anything away from this player who is immense, who will surely remain one of the greatest defenders in history, he tempers. But we all have an end. When behind, you start to have the wings that touch the track, it shows. It shows a lot, you have trouble accelerating, the guy takes you three meters, you have trouble turning around. We’ve all experienced it.

According to Di Meco, the choice to field him regularly in a four-man defense does not help him either. “It’s terrible. It’s the image I have of this start to the season where he plays a lot, where we even put a system for him at the start with three defenders, he notes. In a defense at four, I think it’s almost suicidal to put it on. You always have to take quotes with these boys because they are able to sublimate themselves in big matches, but on one shot “.

“Can you bet on him in the future to get a big title? I have a big doubt”

“When I see him in difficulty as he is, with what he has done in his career and the player he is, it pains me and we feel that he is at the end, concludes Di Meco . It won’t take away from his career. He may still make some good matches by the end of the season, but can you bet on him in the future to get a big title? I have a big doubt. That’s not what I’ve been seeing of him lately.”

An opinion that Jérôme Rothen does not share. “We are also obliged to note that he is a monster, assures the consultant. He is one of the extraordinary players because his career speaks for him on that side. He has won everything this guy. When you win so much things in a career is that you have something more than the others so that’s how it is, maybe it’s the right canvas. He was formed like that, he was created like that” .

For Rothen, he suffers from a ‘completely unbalanced midfield’

“Today, Sergio Ramos showed that he has become a high-level professional player again, he adds, especially about his playing time. He goes on, he played 21 games out of 23-24 games in the PSG since the start of the season in all competitions He has played all the Champions League games, from the first minute to the last The league games are the same except twice: once when he is suspended and once to breathe”.

“Is PSG suffering because there is Ramos behind or Ramos is suffering because there is a midfield that is completely unbalanced and a team base that does not have enough control when the level rises, like the match against Lens?” Asks Rothen, according to whom the ills of his team are a notch higher.

“He plays in central defence. When you play two behind, (..) we feel that the central defenders feel much more comfortable when there is a midfielder who is in control of the game”, estimates Rothen, which ensures that the player “is not burnt”. “This year, it was not expected that he would play so much, he concludes. (…) If Kimpembe is not injured, if they manage to recruit Skriniar at the start of the year, Ramos may go into hierarchy number 3 or number 4″.

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