How Kylian Mbappé built his image as an international star

How Kylian Mbappé built his image as an international star

He is certainly the most popular Frenchman internationally at the moment. Kylian Mbappé, after his legendary World Cup, decided to cultivate a little more its image and its business. The 17,000 spectators at Barclays Center, one of the temples of American basketball in the NBA, rose to give a standing ovation to the little frenchy soccer. The images, broadcast en masse on social networks, almost eclipsed those of the return of Messi, world champion, to Paris.

Kylian Mbappé, since the World Cup in Qatar, has changed again. An observation that Christophe Galtier, his trainer, was able to achieve 6,000 km away. “He is a very intelligent boy who prints quickly and who must realize that the look on him has changed. He is known worldwide, however, it is very rare for a footballer to receive a standing ovation in a basketball court. He is one of those players who have a lot of personality.”

A notoriety that does not crush him, quite the contrary, since he builds and maintains it. This is his third personal visit to the United States in the past four years. On each occasion, the Bondy’s “kid” takes the opportunity to multiply public and media appearances : meetings with basketball stars Kevin Durant, or even LeBron James, during his first visit in 2019.

The image of Kylian Mbappé in the United States

Still, its main sponsor is not far away, because the comma Nike is the link between all these stars. The American equipment manufacturer has bet since a very young age on the Mbappé phenomenon. He now owns the fourth largest individual sports sponsorship contract, but he is destined to become number one very quickly, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, the number 1 world ambassador of the American sports giant.

It has the ideal profile in this booming market. The rights of the American championship, Major League Soccer, were bought 6 months ago by Apple, and this, for the next ten years, against a check for 2.5 billion dollars. Moreover, the next World Cup will take place partly in the United States in less than four years. We must invest in this area and invest for the future.

Get ahead of your competitors

This marketing notoriety is also a way for him to get ahead of his direct competitors, who will soon no longer be Messi and Ronaldo. At 35 and 37, the two icons will gradually disappear from the landscape. The real competitor of the French player for the years to come is Erling Haaland, the Norwegian prodigy, new star of Manchester City. If he wants to stand out, Kylian Mbappé must widen the gap, even if this is already the case in terms of awards and power on social networks.

It must therefore invest more in penetrating international markets, starting with the most important: the American market. He was seen at baseball or American football games for this reason, to reach another audience. Even if basketball and the NBA remain his number one target, the ultimate goal is to create video content to promote both football and the NBA. A way to weave a little more web and eventually assert itself as the number one star in all sports internationally.

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