Hugo Lloris, “hypocrite”, the lesson of Kylian Mbappé’s brother (video)

Hugo Lloris,

Ethan, Kylian Mbappé’s little brother seems to have a little lesson for Hugo Lloris, who distinguished himself by an act of hypocrisy with an enemy of the blues.
This is Emiliano Martinez, the Argentina goalkeeper whom he shook hands during a match against Aston Villa.

The behavior of the goalkeeper of the France team has been denounced.

“Lloris this big slut instead of ignoring it… it’s easier to attack Benzema, dirty sieve”, was he notably commented on Twitter.
Michel Cymes for his part had targeted Messi, who failed to calm the ardor of Emiliano Martinez, humiliating towards Kylian Mbappé whose doll he burned in his likeness.

“What worries me a lot is Messi’s return to PSG. Mbappé may say that he has moved on, I think that Messi will still have to explain why he absolutely did not react on the bus, next to the puppet, by saying in addition that he had not seen him. There he has an ophthalmological problem, ”he said.

And this statement is confirmed, to see the glare launched by Ethan, the brother of Kylian Mbappé at Lionel Messi in his Paris, where he was treated to a guard of honor from his teammates from Paris Saint-Germain.
This is how Hugo Lloris should have reacted.