Kylian Mbappé, Agathe Auproux, the veto of Fayza Lamari, the footballer’s mother

Kylian Mbappé, Agathe Auproux, the veto of Fayza Lamari, the footballer's mother

The entourage of Kylian Mbappé, including perhaps his mother, Fayza Lamari, would have vetoed a relationship with Agathe Auproux, the ex-columnist of TPMP. Their history would be compromised after a putative rapprochement.

The mother of the Paris-Saint-Germain star striker spoke about her son in the columns of Paris Match, where she recognized their close relationship.
They tell each other everything.
“At almost 23 years old, I let him take off a bit. But he calls me very often. We laugh about it, but he knows nothing about most of the mundane things in our ordinary lives,” she said.

And to continue: “He had, for example, never withdrawn money with a credit card before having his own, a year ago. For a long time, in order for him to grow up like an ordinary child, it was hidden from him that he earned a lot of money”.

And no doubt that she was informed of the rapprochement of her illustrious son Agathe Auproux.

He would have taken a step towards her, revealed blogger Aqababe on his Instagram page.
He has this information from a source close to the football artist.
In any case, they do not follow each other on social networks.
It is undoubtedly a small rapprochement, perhaps friendly.
“He just wants to put a cartridge in one shot don’t worry. Kyky is not stupid at all. He will never land with Agathe, already that the Kylian family are waging war on Rose Bertram ”, is it relayed.
Confirmation, no couple just one-shorts! Phew, we are reassured”.