Kylian Mbappé dismisses Emma Smet from Neymar “a charo”, implacable warning

Kylian Mbappé dismisses Emma Smet from Neymar

During the relationship with Emma Smet, a secret idyll that was never formalized, Kylian Mbappé might have warned her against Neymar, a “charo”, a notorious womanizer. He would not hesitate to let loose with the wives of his teammates.

If today, the daughter of David Hallyday shares the life of an actor, Ichem I, a few months earlier, she would have been engaged in a relationship with the striker of Paris Saint-Germain. The attractive 25-year-old blonde has even been spotted several times in the stands of the Parc des Princes, notably with Wilfried, the father of Kylian Mbappé.

They had met a few years earlier on the occasion of Neymar’s birthday, with which Emma Smet would have finally distanced herself. And it wouldn’t be for nothing.

Neymar may be in a relationship, but that wouldn’t prevent him from letting loose with his teammates’ wives, especially with Izabel Goulard, Kevin Trapp’s wife.
This is a revelation from blogger Aqababe, who has his information from a close source.

After the departure of her man in Germany, the top would have stayed for a very long time in her Parisian apartment for her little “business with Neymar”.
“Everyone knows it in Paris. Neymar is in a club every night and Isabel forces and follows him everywhere, ”it is indicated.

Emma Smet would undoubtedly have been warned by Kylian Mbappé, often presented as hyper protective with those close to him.