Kylian Mbappé “sabotages” his ties with Emma Smet, muscular “intervention” by Estelle Lefébure

Kylian Mbappé

If Emma Smet ended up putting an end to her relationship with Kylian Mbappé, after a discreet idyll of a few months, it might be following a warning from Estelle Lefébure, her illustrious mother.

Fans are partly convinced. The infidelities of the star striker of Paris Saint-German and the French team in France.

In the time of their history, the artist of the round ball would have let loose with several young women, as the magazine “Public” had recalled. The Italian media had also listed many conquests during his beautiful story with the daughter of David Hallyday.
He would have been engaged in an affair with Nisrina Sbia, or even with Georgia May Heath, and even Marialuisa Jacobelli, an Italian bomb. An Israeli student.

Closer and Public reported on his side of a closeness with Inès Rau, and even with Rose Bertram.
“That’s why Emma let it go,” a fan posted on social media.
His mother, Estelle Lefébure, would no doubt have recommended that he take off before being trapped in a relationship with a notorious womanizer.

The blogger Aqababe also returned to their relationship, and says that Emma Smet would undoubtedly have made a good companion for the 24-year-old footballer.