LIVE – Châteauroux-PSG: Paris will see the round of 16 after a difficult victory

LIVE – Châteauroux-PSG: Paris will see the round of 16 after a difficult victory

Galtier happy with young people, less than part of the match

Christophe Galtier on BeIN Sports: “Very satisfied with the performance of our young people, even if El Chadaille was unhappy on the goal that we conceded. Then there is the match. We score and then we relax, the team was cut in half. The second half was much more in line with what I expected.”

“At half-time, we had to remember the principles, be better in the organization, fairer in the positioning.”

“We are going to recover players for the reception of Angers. We must quickly find a group in line with PSG and the ambitions we have. I know that it is difficult post-World Cup, we must everyone is remobilizing and refocusing on the team and the game.”

Marquinhos’ reaction

Marquinhos on BeIN Sports: “We knew that there were players who evolved in Ligue 1. We started well, after that we had a relaxation. We should not let go.”

On his extension: “As I said, it’s going very well. I’m happy, we’ll see. I get a lot of messages from Parisian supporters, I feel at home.”


Deprived of its stars, PSG hardly qualified for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France after their 3-1 victory over Châteauroux. Ekitike, Soler and Bernat are the Paris scorers. The goalkeeper Castelroussin Delecroix has however played a solid match.


This time it’s over for Châteauroux! Delecroix had made a first save on a close range shot from Housni but could do nothing on a very powerful cross shot from Bernat! 3 to 1 for PSG!

4 minutes left to play

There will be four minutes of added time in this game! It is difficult to see Châteauroux equalize given the level of extreme fatigue.

Danilo came into play.

Parisian technical festival

With their backs to the goal and taking turns, Ekitike, Mukiele and Ruiz get out of difficult situations! Housni replaces Soler for the end of the match.

The changes continue

Sarabia gets a corner after a series of dribbles while Nolan Roux is replaced as is Romain Basque.

Paris can roll out

Vitinha hurt the Berrichonne players a lot with a higher positioning. Technically, it’s clean!


Here is the second Parisian goal which allows to regain the advantage! Fatigue got the better of the Berry defense! Vitinha overflows and crosses towards Ekitike who places a powerful header! Delecroix pushes back on Soler who finishes the job, 2 to 1!

Bianchini cut Bernat

Left in the back of the defense, Bernat overtakes everyone and is cut out late by Bianchini!

Sunu and Sanganté come into play

Double change for Chateauroux with the release of Thio and Youssouf. They are replaced by Sunu and Sanganté!

It’s getting closer for PSG

Still left in the back of the defense, Mukiele puts in a throw-in for Vitinha but the Portuguese misses his control!


Very well served by Vitinha in depth, Mukiele has two choices: hit or give it but he is countered by Delecroix, well out on his feet!

Ruiz takes the shot

Barely entered the game, Fabian Ruiz takes a left foot shot in front of the box but Delecroix is ​​on it.

Dangerous center of Paris

At the end of the race, Mukiele crosses at the first post and it is deflected by Ekitike but Delecroix intervenes perfectly.

Double change for PSG

Entry into play of Sergio Ramos and Fabian Ruiz for the end of the meeting! They replace Bitshiabu and Gharbi.

Youssouf remains on the ground

Defender Youssouf remains on the ground visibly touched behind the thigh. He will take his place!

Chateauroux on the counter-attack

The PSG is pierced on the side of Bernat and the centers are linked! Navas keeps watch!

Paris in control

Corner for PSG who tries to put the 2-1 but it is cleared by the defense of Châteauroux!


It’s the break at the Gaston-Petit stadium! Little surprise after 45 minutes since PSG are hooked against Chateauroux (1-1). Well launched by an early goal from Ekitike, the Parisians gradually retreated and logically conceded the equalizer before the break. La Berrichonne was even close to 2-1 with a sudden strike from Nolan Roux.


Another good cross from Bianchini which is badly returned by Mukiele and Nolan Roux takes the opportunity to strike by suddenly turning around! It grazes the post of Navas!

Châteauroux even spins

La Berrichonne takes risks with the ball at her feet by spinning in front of her surface! Paris runs after the ball!


Incredible, Châteauroux returns to the heights with a bit of success! Nolan Roux crosses back for Thio who hits on goal! Bitshiabu deflects the ball into his goal! 1 to 1, everything has to be redone for PSG!

Delecroix catches Soler’s free kick

At the entrance to the surface, Carlos Soler passes the wall but finds Delecroix on his trajectory! Châteauroux goes back to the ground.

PSG bring the ball back

Good ball comeback from Vitinha who eliminates three players before being thrown to the ground! Free kick for Soler!

Paris in trouble

Very good deep ball towards Thio who thinks to take speed Mukiele but the defender passes in front… and sends the ball for a corner!


Free kick from Soler badly cleared and Ismael Gharbi takes the volley with a touch of the ball! It is diverted in corner by the excellent stop of Delecroix!

Ekitike against

Ball lost in his camp by Basque and Ekitike tries to pass on goal before giving it to Gharbi! He is broke and gets a good free kick!


Superb call from Viltard who centers very hard at the penalty spot! It’s messed up and Navas can’t intervene. Mexico lights a wick in the area and Vitinha throws himself to narrowly counter!

Ekitike makes miseries

With his movements and his vivacity, Hugo Ekitike undermines the defense of Châteauroux. The Parisian striker is comfortable tonight!

Paris still as dominant

Third corner for PSG! Sarabia takes it but it is sent back by Delecroix with fists! The ball quickly returns to the Berry area.

Ahoussou watches over a corner

Another corner for PSG who wants to drive the point home quickly to avoid a bad surprise. It is returned by Ahoussou of the head!

The Titis in complete relaxation

Ismael Gharbi made a very good start to the match with a few technical gestures and tried to make Zaire-Emery benefit with a good pass! He is a bit too short and Delecroix grabs the ball.


Here is the first Parisian goal in this 32nd final! Well served by Gharbi at the entrance to the surface, Hugo Ekitike puts the point and scores with the help of the post! 1 to 0 for PSG!

Mukiele resumes his place

Limping, Nordi Mukiele resumed his place when he seemed to be badly affected. Good for the player and for PSG!

Mukiele hit in the knee

After a duel with Ahoussou, Mukiele loses his support and sees his left leg drag him forward! He tries to catch up but gets hurt… Sergio Ramos leaves to warm up!

Paris puts the pressure

Corner for PSG after a great Parisian action! Opening of Mukiele for Sarabia who controls and gives to Ekitike! The center is narrowly deflected!

Total control of PSG

Vitinha and Zaire-Emery are already touching a lot of balls and showing that they are very comfortable with it! Châteauroux logically runs behind PSG.


Well launched in depth by Sarabia, Ekitike controls with the tip of the foot and continues with his left foot! Delecroix kicks back!


And here we go for this 32nd final of the Coupe de France between Châteauroux (L2) and PSG! The Parisians present themselves tonight with a very revamped team without Messi, Neymar, Mbappé, Hakimi, Verratti etc.

The eleven of PSG, with an unprecedented attack

Navas – Mukiele, Marquinhos, Bitshiabu, Bernat – Gharbi, Vitinha, Zaire-Emery – Sarabia, Soler, Ekitike.

The composition of Chateauroux, with Nolan Roux

Delecroix – Ahoussou, Youssouf, Ouaneh, Fouda, Basque, Bianchini, Mexico, Roux, Viltard, Thio.

Luis Campos present in Chateauroux

The PSG sports adviser discusses at the edge of the lawn before this Coupe de France match.

V. Jamin

Hello and welcome to this game

PSG travels to Châteauroux, club of Michel Denisot, former Parisian president for its 32nd final of the Coupe du France. An entry into the competition which will be without Messi, who has just returned to PSG after his victorious World Cup, without Neymar, also in the recovery phase, nor Mbappé, to whom the club has granted a few days of vacation, just like to Ashraf Hakimi. Marco Verratti is suspended.

Christophe Galtier, who explained Thursday at a press conference that he dreamed of winning this competition (he failed in the final with Nice last season), will therefore do without his stars and should launch young people into the arena, in particular Ismaël Gharbi and Warren Zaire-Emery, both glimpsed during the defeat against Lens on Sunday evening. Promising center-forward Ilyes Housni, who signed his first pro contract with PSG on Friday, is also in the group.

Certainty, Keylor Navas will be aligned in goal. According to our information, Galtier could be tempted by a Gharbi-Ekitike-Sarabia attack.

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