Michel Denisot confides before Châteauroux-PSG (32nd final of the Coupe de France)

Michel Denisot confides before Châteauroux-PSG (32nd final of the Coupe de France)

Michel Denisot, this match is a bit like “Denisotico”, isn’t it?

Michel Denisot. : “There are 62 teams drawn before us, in the end there are only two left: Châteauroux and PSG. It’s incredible! When we are a National club, we know that we are not going to go at the end, so we want to have a big poster at home. We had the best. I think it’s a way for me to come full circle on my journey as club president. I’ve just about almost known everything you can know: third division, moving up to second, being second division champion (with Châteauroux), and at PSG I won everything at least once. “

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PSG without Messi and Neymar against Châteauroux, Navas holder


The most famous PSG-Châteauroux played in the final of the Coupe de France in 2004, when you were president of La Berrichonne. What does that remind you of?

MD : “We lost 1-0 on a goal from Pauleta, I don’t remember all the goals but that one, I remember it, because we had a small chance that day. We were in final, which was great for a region like ours.There, we find ourselves in the 32nd final, against PSG who are still much bigger than they were in 2004. For me, it’s special. I haven’t had any role at PSG for more than twenty years, but I still follow this club, because I spent seven years of my life there full-time. Finding this poster in Châteauroux is strong at a personal title.”

How do you view the evolution of PSG since?

MD “When you’re not at a club, it’s hard to make judgments. QSI (Qatar Sports Investments, owner of PSG) has built a huge club, with a global image. It’s a great success. When I became president of PSG in 1991, it was one of the first times that a company became the owner of a club: it was Canal+ which had taken over PSG, which was almost in bankruptcy. PSG because the championship was one of the most important soap operas on the channel, and Paris was one of the characters in the soap opera, so this character had to be saved.

What is your best memory at PSG?

MD : “I haven’t been at PSG for more than twenty years, but there isn’t a day when they don’t stop me in the street to talk to me about it. It’s not necessarily a victory in European Cup. These are emotions that remain for life, and when I was in it, I didn’t realize the impact it had. Everyone has their memories. It was very strong when we won in Brussels (the 1996 European Cup Winners’ Cup). Earned some pretty harsh reprimands from the then chief of police, who told me I’d be responsible for whatever happened, so I was kind of freaked out…”

And in Chateauroux?

MD : “When I took over the club in 1988-89, we were in the third division, five days from the end, I became president without asking. The president at the time carried the club at arm’s length, c was Claude Jamet, he said to me: ‘It would be nice if you joined the management team.’ I said yes then I took the train back. Two days later, my mother called me to say to me: ‘You’re president of la Berrichonne and you didn’t tell me.’ I learned it when I opened the newspaper. Afterwards, there is the course in the Coupe de France (final in 2004), which was astonishing. For Châteauroux, it’s the strongest event. And then there is the rise in Ligue 1, during my last year. The last match of this season, it was Châteauroux-PSG, like what, there are markers.

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