Achraf Hakimi treated as “Mbappé’s dog” by a French “comedian” (VIDEO)

Achraf Hakimi treated as

A French sports channel has committed a real blunder, an unspeakable and unspeakable act of racism, unworthy and unexpected of the media of a democracy that is France and of its increasingly controversial motto, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”. .

The victim of this chauvinist hatred towards foreigners in general, and North Africans, dual nationals, Arabs and Africans, in general, is none other than the Moroccan international and PSG player, friend of Kylian Mbappé, the Lion of the Atlas, Achraf Hakimi.

This one was called “Mbappé’s dog” by the so-called low-level “comedian”, without any talent, a vulgar specialist in insipid chat and cheap patter, the so-called Julien Cazarre. He therefore repeated his usual and filthy attacks against the stars of the Moroccan national team, having abused more on the smoke and having certainly overdosed on the carpet.

This shoddy “artist” thus joins the large contingent of French journalists in their acts of racist baseness, verbal and written, towards Hakimi who is currently on vacation in the United States. But this Julien Cazzare, “artist” by an unfortunate and iniquitous coincidence, tried to make up for his racist, separatist and supremacist blunder and to return to his unworthy insult, after having uttered this despicable insanity towards Hakimi.

Except that the Moroccans, who were not born yesterday in Paname, asked him, rightly, to present an official apology to the Lion of the Atlas whose performances, both within the Moroccan national team ( cf, Morocco’s historic feat at the 2022 World Cup and the quality of play within PSG) seem to bother some in France and make people sickly jealous, including this Cazarre who can’t manage to digest the celebrity of the young footballer from 22 years old.

The deserved fame, which sticks in his throat like a big mackerel bone, of a footballer whose sporting future is still very promising for other future successes and prowess that the history of the round ball will certainly remember. While the career of the pseudo “comedian and actor” will not be a date, neither in the theater, nor in the cinema, nor on television or in the music hall and will quickly fall into oblivion, so much his “talent”, if he has a bit of it, is insignificant, cutesy, derisory, poor and childish.

Of course, the Moroccans – like the PSG supporters – have strongly challenged this “dog” insult, concerning Hakimi who, in the company of his teammate and great friend Kylian Mbappé, is currently in the USA, more exactly at “Big apple”, the Big apple, New York, where he is enjoying a well-deserved winter vacation.

As a result, Moroccans here and elsewhere were quick to vigorously denounce these racist remarks made by Cazarre, Thursday, January 5, as part of the podcast “Rothen s’enflamme”, hosted by Jérôme Rothen, and asked to the management of the RCM Sport channel that the pseudo “artist” and consultant of this TV be sanctioned and liable to a layoff from his functions.

In an attempt to exculpate himself, the racist columnist claimed that these remarks against Hakimi were no less than humor and a light joke without consequence, when in fact it was of shameless sarcasm, looking down on a foreign player, moreover Moroccan, and maliciously mocking the good relations of friendship and mutual respect which unite him to his teammate, Kylian Mbappé.

However, there are thousands around the world, of all origins and countries, who have strongly denounced the aforementioned racist remarks by Cazarre and ask him to hasten to apologize to Achraf Hakimi.

On the other hand, we still do not know what is the underlying reason for the approach that certain French media have decided to take, consisting in refusing the other, telling him that he is undesirable, and practicing, vis-à-vis him, all sorts of outrageous acts of racism and chauvinism.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that Achraf Hakimi has been the target of certain French media. On the contrary, the Moroccan international and PSG player has been repeatedly, for allegedly “unknown” reasons, but easy to guess, even for a child who still sucks his thumb.

It is not yet known if Hakimi is currently aware of this new infamy perpetrated on a TV set and what his reaction would be in this case, but we know that he is expected next Tuesday in Ksar El Kébir, the city from which his mother is from. And where awaits a great reception organized in his honor at the municipal stadium of the city by the Council of the Commune and which will be attended by the population of Ksar El Kebir.

Larbi Alaoui