Daniel Riolo puts a last colossal cleat to Galtier before the World Cup


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For Ligue 1, it’s the truce! The 2022 World Cup will start in a few days in Qatar, and for Daniel Riolo, it’s time to take stock of the first part of the PSG season under the Christophe Galtier era in After Foot on RMC.

“What Galtier has been doing since the start of the season with PSG is both clever and ridiculous“,

“He’s smart because I think he makes a good duo with Luis Campos, I think they share the roles well. Galtier has done a good job of getting closer to the players to repair the scars of last year which were deep, explained the editorialist. He is clever because he makes us believe that he is going to change the system and he also makes the players believe it to give playing time to some and to spare susceptibilities. He knows very well although it is impossible to move forward with the system he sold us at the start of the season for all the reasons that we have repeated many times. He has returned to something more classic and he also leaves time to the new ones to try to acclimatize. However, there is going to be a problem, the new ones are not at the top and they have rather disappointed me. Once again, recruitment raises questions. On the Neymar case, it was good, I think it was the right solution to give him the position of number o 10. The Brazilian needed to redeem himself and the club too. Finally, we gave him this role of 10 with a Luis Campos who is almost every morning cuddling Neymar to tell him ‘are you happy to play there? Are you happy to play in Paris this year? you have to have a good season, we’re all in the same boat!’ It is really in a speech of permanent persuasion and for the moment they succeed the blow. I don’t know what it will be like, the real results will be at the end of February or rather the beginning of March when PSG will be faced with the results of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Riolo tackles Galtier’s communication

“He doesn’t have to add a layer to take us for fools because no one is stupid”

“Galtier is ridiculous because he gives us hackneyed communication that we have seen with other coaches. ‘We are in tune with the best in Europe’, when it is so absurd to compare the championships because they are not the same adversaries, not the same contexts. Basically, when he tells us ‘we are having as good a start to the season as Naples’, he is telling us that he is having a better start to the season than Bayern, Real and Manchester City? No, stop taking us for idiots, it’s not the same thing at all and we don’t compare the championships, especially not at this time of the season. What you’re talking about are bananas. Invincibility? It’s ridiculous because you don’t play in the same league, so it doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t have to add a layer to take us for fools because no one is stupid. Afterwards, Paris did him good for the change of look and he looks like a real high-level coach now. What he didn’t have before, but that’s anecdotal suddenly.”

to summarize

PSG have just completed their first part of the season undefeated in all competitions. Daniel Riolo addressed a big tackle to the Parisian coach, Christophe Galtier. For the editorialist, the communication of the former Nice coach is unbearable.