his 16-year-old little brother Ethan is his PERFECT copy, “They have the same face”

his 16-year-old little brother Ethan is his PERFECT copy, “They have the same face”

Back in France after the World Cup in Qatar, Kylian Mbappé was able to count on the support of his family to digest the defeat of the Blues against Argentina. The 24-year-old footballer notably celebrated the Christmas holidays alongside his loved ones. For the occasion, he unveiled, on his Instagram account, a adorable shot where he proudly poses with his little brother, Ethan. A photo that has gathered more than 12 million reactions on the social network.

Kylian Mbappe divides his time between training with Paris Saint-Germain and precious moments with his family. Indeed, in addition to Christmas Eve, the star of the Blues has celebrated his birthday on December 20, as well as that of his younger brother, on December 29. Both celebrated their 24th and 16th birthdays. Number 10 took the opportunity to send a message to his brother.

Kylian Mbappe, proud by his little brother Ethan

The football star shared a tender message for Ethan: ” Happy birthday bro. 16 years goes by so fast. Too much happy and proud of what you are becoming. The best is yet to come “. Kylian Mbappé also shared a series of photos where he stands alongside his younger brother. Thus, Internet users have been able to see the physical evolution of the two footballers in recent years. If eight years separate them, their resemblance is nevertheless present.

Internet users have not failed to react to the striking resemblance of the two brothers. “ They have the same face », « Future legends », « A new star is coming soon “, thus commented the subscribers of the footballer. Very accomplices, the two men have a passion in common: football. They have both made it their profession. And that’s not all ! Ethan Mbappé is also evolving in Paris Saint Germain, like its big brother. However, due to his young age, the player plays for another team than Kylian since she is with the U19. These are footballers under the age of 19.

The same passion for football

One characteristic, however, differentiates the two men. Indeed, Ethan Mbappé plays as Midfielder. He therefore does not walk on the flowerbeds of his brother who is a striker for the Blues and for PSG. This Friday, December 16, the young player played his very first minutes under the Parisian jersey. He thus replaced Renato Sanches for the last quarter of an hour of play in a match played in two periods of 30 minutes.

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A year 2022 which began with a big scare for the Mbappé clan

This end of the year is much more serene for the Mbappé clan than last January. Indeed, Ethan Mbappé has caused fear within his family. The young man was the victim of a road accident who rushed him to the hospital, had revealed The Parisian, January 21. ” The accident involving three vehicles occurred Friday afternoon around 4 p.m. on the RN 184, near the Camp des Loges, the training center from PSG in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, reported the firefighters on a daily basis.

The son of Fayza Lamari and Wilfried Mbappe has been “slightly injured” after this collision. ” He was kept under observation for less than an hour and he’s fine. It will be monitored for club doctors », had assured Paris Saint-Germain. The young midfielder was on the passenger side of the vehicle during the collision. Completely healed after several weeks, he was able to find his way back to the field, to the delight of his family and his fans.