the left very critical of Macron and his affection for Mbappé


The president’s close gestures with the player of the France team have aroused much mockery. The striker himself seemed very uncomfortable with this display of affection.

A sequence to support Kylian Mbappé which turns to embarrassment. After France’s defeat against Argentina on Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron took to the field to console the French striker who dodged. What offer a boulevard to the left which did not hesitate to comment on this moment.

While the player was obviously stunned, crouching on the pitch a few minutes after the final whistle, the president whispered a few words in his ear, before ruffling his hair and taking his arm. The young man then appeared uncomfortable, getting up to end the conversation.

“Untimely and awkward”

Green MP Sandrine Rousseau spoke of the Head of State’s “embarrassment”. The boss of the socialists Olivier Faure sees it as an “inappropriate and uncomfortable” moment.

The rebellious deputy Danièle Obono denounced for her part “the international shame” of Emmanuel Macron, opposed to “the international class” of Kylian MBappé.

The reactions are all the more lively since, in the face of criticism affecting Qatar, between the environmental impact of the sporting event and questions about respect for human rights, the president had called for “not to politicize sport”.

Macron, like the actor of “The Office” for Obono

Aware of the political impact that proximity to the PSG striker, one of the favorite personalities of the French, can have, the president therefore did not hesitate to stage himself at his side. The tenant of the Élysée also went to the locker room, addressing them to thank them for having “made French women and French people dream who needed it”.

What push Danièle Obono to compare the president to Michael Scott, the anti-hero of the series The Office. In this television show, comedian Steve Carell plays a boss with an oversized ego, in perpetual search for the love of his employees.

“Two Number 10s”

Other rebellious colleagues linked the evening of the final to parliamentary news, like Carlos Martens Bilongo.

“In the photo, there are two numbers 10. Kylian Mbappé, number 10 and three goals in the final. Emmanuel Macron, 10 uses of 49.3 in the National Assembly”, noted the deputy of Val d’Oise.

Elisabeth Borne used to the tenth time on Thursday this constitutional weapon to pass the state budget without a vote.

“Don’t worry Kylian, you can work until you’re 65”

MEP Manon Aubry drew a parallel with the pension reform which will be officially presented on January 10.

“Don’t worry Kylian, you can work until you’re 65 and win lots of other World Cups,” tweeted the rebellious.

Hope for a rise in the polls

If Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate to stage himself on Sunday evening, it is because he keeps in mind the 20-point increase in the popularity of Jacques Chirac after the first victory of the Blues in the World Cup.

In a very complicated moment politically, between inflation, risk of power cuts and pension reform, there is therefore no question for the Élysée to do without the support of such a unifying event, watched by a record number of more than 24 million French people. this Sunday, and gestures of affection to very popular players. At the risk of doing a little too much.