PSG, OM, OL… Which opponent for Le Puy Foot in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France?

PSG, OM, OL... Quel adversaire pour Le Puy Foot en 16es de la Coupe de France ? 

Lorient in 2021, Nice in 2023 and if Le Puy Foot wanted more? Even if many teams of all levels are still in contention and there are still matches to be played this Sunday, January 8, it is not unlikely to see Roland Vieira’s men once again inherit an elite club. . The draw will take place this Sunday evening at 8 p.m.

“I just wish we were here (in Massot, editor’s note)”, launched the ponot coach on Saturday evening.

Paris-Saint-Germain as a scarecrow

A club necessarily feeds the fantasies of all football lovers: PSG. If the capital club has many stars in its ranks, Messi, Mbappé and Neymar in the lead, it is not sure that they will be aligned in the Cup, given the team composition put in place by Christophe Galtier in the 32nd final won against Châteauroux (1-3).

But who knows, may be scalded by the elimination of Nice, the technician who passed through Saint-Etienne will probably be wary of Puy Foot. It is in any case a dream for the ponot striker Ibrahim Sangaré who declared yesterday in the post-match conference: “I grew up in the Paris region, so I would like to face PSG. »

OM, the steamroller of Tudor

As for this Saturday’s scorer, Mohamed Ben Fredj, the desire is more for an OM draw. “Bringing Marseille to Massot would be incredible,” he slipped after the meeting.

The Phocaeans lost in 32nd Hyères FC (2-0) in a meeting marked by the early exclusion of Bailly, the Marseille defender. Proof that this opponent would be formidable for the Ponots.

OL for a regional derby

If Le Puy Foot cannot fall on Clermont (eliminated by Olympique de Strasbourg), nor on Saint-Etienne (eliminated by Rodez who has just created the feat against Monaco), another regional derby could take shape.

Olympique Lyonnais, difficult winner of FC Metz (2-1), could be the most lenient draw among the big ones. The mayonnaise has not yet really taken the side of the group of Laurent Blanc.

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Rennes, Lens… great Ligue 1 teams

Several other Ligue 1 clubs could face Le Puy Foot. There is in particular Stade Rennais, which beat Bordeaux on Saturday evening. Lens winner of Linas-Montlhery (0-2). Or Nantes, the last winner of the competition and engaged in the Europa League.

Angers and Brest also secured their ticket in 16th unlike Montpellier and Strasbourg. This Sunday, Reims, Toulouse, Auxerre, Lille or Troyes will play their qualification. Unless fate reserves a revenge against Lorient, who will already have to get rid of La Châtaigneraie?

The other qualified in 16th by level:

League 2: Grenoble, Pau, Rodez, Niort, Paris FC, Bastia, Annecy.

National 2: Grasse.

National 3: Stade Plabennecois, ES Thaon.

Regional 1: Strasbourg Olympics.

Note that 12 games are still to be played in the round of 32.

Le Puy Foot – Nice (1-0): post-match reactions

Julien Vaurillon