Kylian Mbappé scammed by his “girlfriend”? Rumors about the “Rose Bertram affair” are controversial

 Kylian Mbappé scammed by his

Since a few months, rumors circulate on a relationship between Kylian Mbappé and a certain Rose Bertram, both relayed on social networks and by the press. However, for several days now, the rumors have been even more accentuated, especially after revelations from Instagrammer Aquababe. The latter has indeed posted several photos supposed to prove the existence ofscandal in the center of which would be this woman.

Instagram post is soberly called “The Rose Bertram, Kylian Mbappé, Gregory van der Wild affair”. It is followed by seven other publications, including a photo of the three protagonists named in the title. For the rest, these are writings made by this blogger, where he tells what seems to be, according to him, the underside of a new affair in the world of football. But what is he talking about?

Would Rose Bertram use Kylian Mbappé?

Rose Bertram is not completely unknown in the world of football. Born on October 26, 1994 in Belgium (in Kortrijk), she was noticed by a Brussels agency to start a career as a model. A path she decides to take and which leads her to pose for the magazine Sports Illustrated. She made a name for herself in her field, so much so that she chained a number of poses for brands like L’Oreal, H&M or Provocative factor.

As for her relationship with the world of football, she integrated it by becoming the companion of a former PSG player, Gregory van der Wiel. Known for her rather provocative shots, she seduces with her beauty. Thus, it has for example been considered by the Mundo Deportivo as one of the most beautiful companions Ligue 1 players. But today, she is the subject of personal attacks from a blogger. He accuses him of using Kylian Mbappé. However, it had been a long time since anyone had heard of her…

“The Rose Bertram Affair”

But in what does this supposed Rose Bertram case, exhibited by this famous blogger? After recalling his past relationship with Gregory van der Wielhe claims that she has always tended to want “to be known”. A behavior that would be felt in his supposed current relationship with Kylian Mbappé. According to the blogger, she would have approached him to talk about her. A desire that would not be shared by the footballer, who would seek to maintain an image ” steady “.

Aqababe goes so far as to assert that Rose Bertram plans to get pregnant with Kylian Mbappé! She also reportedly sought to show off in public during the FIFA World Cup. And this in order to display his relationship with the football star. The blogger thus describes a particularly degrading portrait of the young woman, presenting her as a profiteera “opportunistic”.

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serious charges

In short, this blogger accuses the ” friend “ of Kylian Mbappé to scam him. Nevertheless, and this is the problem, he does not cite his sources. He thus contents himself with asserting that he obtained this information from a ” close ” of the footballer. Thus, these charges must be taken with tweezers. Faced with the scale of the attacks against Rose Beltram, it is also difficult to distinguish what could be based on well-founded accusations from what would rather resemble an unjustified attack.