Foot PSG – PSG: Liverpool and MU bought out, Qatar’s madness!

Foot PSG - PSG: Liverpool and MU bought out, Qatar's madness!

Boosted by the World Cup hosted this fall, Qatar puffs out its chest and could strike a huge blow by buying a major English football club. PSG owners might not be satisfied with a small slice of the pie.

Main shareholder of Paris Saint-Germain, Qatar has made a name for itself in Europe through sport. Even if it is far from being the only investment of the Emirate in France, since the big hotels, the world of cinema, energy or real estate are often with Qatari sauce. But sport is a shining showcase and the Emir Al-Thani understood this very well. If PSG opens doors for him in France and Europe, he aims to strike a blow. In recent weeks, QSI’s intention to buy minor clubs or invest without being a majority in important football institutions has been relayed. Well Named. Very recently, a meeting took place between Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and Daniel Levy, the owner of Tottenham, for a possible arrival of QSI in the organization chart of the London club. But Qatari investors could well aim even higher, reveals the specialized site Bloomberg.

For the financial media, the takeover of a huge Premier League team for sale, such as Manchester United and Liverpool, has become a real objective now that the sale of these two behemoths is on the table. And Bloomberg to specify that, according to its sources, it would not be a buyback of shares but a buyout of the entire club which is envisaged by QSI now. Private discussions have already taken place in this direction, for what would be an unexpected earthquake, as Qatar has always made it known that PSG would be its main investment in France and Europe.

UEFA will wince, PSG in danger?

The financial media says that the managers of QSI absolutely want to make a major investment in the Premier League which is “the place to be” in European football. The idea for the Emir Al-Thani is to absolutely continue investing in European football, and the holding of the World Cup recently on his soil assures him that the bet is well worth it for the influence of his country. The funds raised by the sales of its resources allow it to have the financing largely possible to buy back shares in any club, or even to recover Manchester United or Liverpool in full.

Qatar, which recently spent 200 billion euros over 10 years to renovate the country and the infrastructure to host the World Cup, can afford an English club among the most prestigious, for 3 or 4 billion euros . The fact that the United Arab Emirates (Manchester City) and Saudi Arabia (Newcastle) have bought an English club also gives ideas to Qatar, which wants to compete with its neighbors against a backdrop of the Premier League. In any case, there is no doubt that Liverpool and Manchester United are open to takeover, and multi-ownership clubs are now a must. Although this could pose a huge problem for PSG if the QSI operation were to see the light of day, since UEFA prohibits two teams with the same main shareholder or owner from playing in the same European competition, in occurrence the lucrative Champions League for example. A real brake in the event of finalization of a total takeover, even if for the moment, Qatar does not have a state of discussions too advanced in this direction according to Bloomberg, which explains that the appetite of QSI is still on the reserve, even if it becomes more and more greedy.