France team: Mbapp captain, an obviousness … or not? – Soccer

 France team: Mbapp captain, an obviousness ... or not?  - Soccer

With the withdrawal of Hugo Lloris, the captain’s armband of the French team will change owners. In recent hours, the name of Kylian Mbapp has come up insistently. An obviousness… or not?

Mbapp, future boss of the Blues?

Hugo Lloris has decided to say stop. After 145 appearances with the France team jersey, the Tottenham goalkeeper has decided to end his adventure with the Blues. A page that turns for the tricolor selection and a question that comes up insistently: who will now wear the captain’s armband?

The candidates are numerous: Raphal Varane, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann or even … Kylian Mbapp. At 24, the Paris Saint-Germain striker is already one of the best players in the country’s history and logically applies to succeed the Spurs goalkeeper. Obvious to some.

Riolo and Petit in favor of Mbapp

Among the defenders of the Parisian, we find Daniel Riolo. The journalist thinks that the star of the capital club is the only player capable of taking responsibility, particularly with regard to the problems linked to the FFF with the controversy surrounding Nol Le Grat. Kylian Mbapp, maybe the future captain of the Blues, I imagine, as he did for the contracts, as he did in his speech on Sunday, I imagine him capable of boycotting the Blues by saying ‘I does not play for the France team as long as he is the president with all that he represents.’ Me, I believe him capable of doing a said the polemicist on RMC.

A story shared by Emmanuel Petit, who considers the Bondynois legitimate to fulfill this special duty within the France team. For me, the role of captain is on the pitch. Mbapp, it is he who affirms a standard ambition, it is the future of French football judged the 1998 world champion, who however qualified the role of the captain in selection. Deschamps was our captain. But in my mind, our captain was Zidane. Didier, who had a unifying role on the pitch, often turned to Zizou to ask him questions. We felt that there was a sharing added the former Arsenal player.

Mbapp too talkative for Rothen

For Jrme Rothen, it is precisely this personality trait that could keep the Ile-de-France striker away from the captaincy. I think he won’t put Kylian Mbapp as captain. Why ? Because he makes too much noise, he reacts too much and Didier Deschamps is the complete opposite of a. He will refuse that his captain expresses himself in this way, that he sets a little fire in a press conference. When there is fire, it is often the captain who is brought to light and who must try to extinguish the fire. Kylian, with all the frankness he has, would set the fire. like, differently, Patrice Vra added the consultant.

It is against nature for Didier Deschamps. He is like that. He doesn’t want to make noise. Hugo Lloris, why was it him? He had a remarkable career, but you can’t say he was a good press conference client. Whether before or after games. (…) But Mbapp will never respect what Didier Deschamps wants , ended the former Parisian attacking midfielder. Before deciding on the spot, Deschamps will first try to weather the storm that is currently beating down on French football. In any case, he has a very serious option to take over from his historic captain.

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