“Kylian Mbappé can boycott the France team”, the bomb is dropped

For the past few days, Noël Le Graët has found himself in the middle of a media storm, following his comments on Zinedine Zidane. A flood of reactions initiated by Kylian Mbappé, who expressed his dissatisfaction on social networks. According to Daniel Riolo, if the current president of the FFF retains his post despite all the controversy he is the subject of, the PSG striker could decide to put his international career on hold.

While he already had to face several controversies, Noël Le Graët went too far on Sunday. His remarks towards Zinedine Zidane did not like Kylian Mbappewho made it known on Twitter. This provoked a wave of reaction, so much so that the current president of the FFF could lose his job, he who is also accused of sexual harassment. His departure is expected by many people, but what would be the reaction of the striker of the PSG if Noel Le Graet remained at the head of French football?

“I believe in Kylian Mbappé boycotting the France team”

According to Daniel Riolo, Kylian Mbappe could simply decide to boycott theFrench teamas he confided on RMC. ” If Le Graët hangs on like this even when it’s untenable, what will we get? Honestly, I believe in Kylian Mbappé boycotting the France team. Honestly, I believe him capable of doing something like that. I believe him capable. We said how extremely important his tweet was but I don’t think Didier Deschamps took this intervention well “, did he declare.

“I think Deschamps did not appreciate it”

According to the journalist of RMCthe output of Kylian Mbappe would not have liked Didier Deschampswhich remains a support of Noel Le Graet for several years : ” Mbappé who clashes with his president by going over the coach, I think Deschamps did not appreciate it. Let’s not forget that Deschamps is a support of Noël Le Graët. It is support from Noël Le Graët because forty-eight hours after the first facts, twenty-four hours after Sonia Souid’s statement, Didier Deschamps has not spoken. He remains in solidarity with Noël Le Graët. I am addressing all those who adore Didier Deschamps and who say “the result, the result, the result”, OK, very well the result. What man are we talking about? From someone who continues to support Noël Le Graët. »

“I imagine him capable of boycotting the Blues”

Daniel Riolo then put a layer on the possibility of seeing Kylian Mbappeone of the players tipped to take the captain’s armband following the international retirement ofHugo Llorisput his career with theFrench team on break. “ Kylian Mbappé, perhaps the future captain of the Blues, I imagine, as he did for the contracts, as he did in his speech the day before yesterday, I imagine him capable of boycotting the Blues by saying : “I don’t play for the France team as long as he’s the president with everything he represents. “I believe him capable of doing that “, added Daniel Riolo.