Messi, rookie record, Mbappé…

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Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Wednesday, January 11, 2023. Lionel Messi’s return to the Parc des Princes, the record of last summer’s recruits, Mbappé and his return to competition against Rennes…

In today’s edition, the team takes stock of the Parisian recruits of last summer. The sports daily believes that only two players have managed to fit into the mould, Vitinha and Nordi Mukiele. ” The recruits Renato Sanches, Fabian Ruiz, Carlos Soler, Hugo Ekitike – for different reasons – find it difficult to have a significant influence. For the former Lille resident, the sports daily believes that his arrival was overshadowed by that of his compatriot, Vitinhawho plays in the same sector of play. Apart from one or two matches, he has not convinced, nor yet spread out what he could bring to this team.” , judge the team which also indicates that his repeated absences due to injury did not facilitate his adaptation and ” rather confirm the fears about his fragile physique. ” As it concerns Fabian Ruizhe too took a long time to integrate into this team. “But the change of system has been beneficial to him, he who is more comfortable in a medium with three and in a role of torchbearer. the after world Cup is at the moment difficult for the former of Naples notes the sports daily.

Arrived at the very end of the transfer window, Carlos Soler has a lot of trouble making a hole in the breast PSG. ” It must be said that he was enlisted to act as a back-up to Lionel Messi Where Neymar in a leading role, but the dazzling first half of the season for the two South Americans left him with very few opportunities to show himself. It also exposed him to a tough comparison. The Team believes that it does not add anything in any area and that it ” navigates between medium and nothing, suffering from a clear lack of bearings and rhythm when he was offered his chance. » Hugo Ekitikewho remains on three goals and two assists in his last five matches, “ is highly appreciated by Parisian decision-makers, who strongly believe in its potential. This is perhaps why the former Rémois has been entitled to uncompromising treatment since his arrival. “It took time for him to really be his chance, knowing his first tenure on November 6, and his connection with the MNM is insufficient. ” But we would almost forget that he is only 20 years old and his unique profile within the attack of the PSG must allow him to play his card and impose himself over time“, Launches the sports daily.

The sports daily which focused on Nordi Mukielewho after some beginnings, “ stands out as the most successful summer 2022 recruit in recent weeks. “In his role as a right defender in a four-man defense, the former leipzig brings a regular offensive contribution, a significant volume of runs and defensive reliability, “ what he lacked at the start of the season. » In a totally different animation in Germany, it took time to integrate new tactical cues. ” The after-Haifamarked by a discussion with the duo Christophe GaltierLuis Camposshowing his confidence in him, was a marker of his season. » Appreciated in the locker room and at ease with both executives and young people, Nordi Mukieleimported its German work methodology. With a pre-activation before the sessions and a long recovery routine that prompted some of his teammates, sometimes surprised by these demanding processes, to refer to him as “Mister recovery”.. » With the return ofAshraf Hakimi, the debate on the holder of the right-back position could be fueled. One thing is certain, the former Montpellier player has real credit with his teammates.

The Team also evokes the other satisfaction of the PSG summer transfer window 2022, Vitinha. ” The young Portuguese started very strong, quickly becoming indispensable in the eleven of Galtier. He is the only rookie in this case“, greets the sports daily. Despite this, he began to dig into the heart of autumn, ” seeming to suffer the blow physically and perhaps having to digest the change of system. » His presence at the world Cupwhere he played little (5 matches, 1 tenure, 118 minutes of play), ” may have done him good in view of his last performances, again convincing” , estimated the team. The sports daily recalls that the winter transfer window should be calm on the side of the PSGrelaying the words of Christophe Galtier who explained that there would be an arrival only if there is a departure. And regarding a possible departure, Pablo Sarabia has proposals. His transfer becomes clearer and the PSG could therefore position itself on a recruitment for the position of the Spanish international.

The daily also evokes the return of Lionel Messi to Princes Park. This will be an opportunity for supporters of the PSG to celebrate the Argentinian world champion, even if no particular tribute should be on the program. Last week, when he returned to Lodge Camphe had the right to a guard of honor by his teammates and club employees before being handed over to the hands of Luis Campos a trophy to congratulate him on his world title recall the team.

The return to Princes Park of Lionel Messi which is also mentioned in The Parisian of the day. ” After a long search for the best formula to honor their star, the leaders of the PSG finally chose to do nothing“, assures the Ile-de-France daily which indicates that the small ceremony at the Lodge Camp on his return was enough. ” A single, more serious tribute will therefore be paid to the Park this Wednesday in memory of Modeste M’Bamidied Friday of a heart attack. » The Parisian also explains that Parisian leaders may have also feared ” the reaction of some supporters disappointed by the French defeat in the final and especially upset by the slippages of the celebrations of the Argentinians against Kylian Mbappe. “On the side of the Ultras” si some banners remain possible, we also want to display a form of neutrality vis-à-vis the Argentinian“, assures The Parisian. The latter also evokes the future of the Pulga, which feels good at Paris and at PSG. Discussions with his father took place during the world Cup and it now remains for both parties to sit around a table to settle the details of this extension, of a season plus an optional one, or even two firm years. »

The Ile-de-France daily which finally evokes the return to competition of Kylian Mbappeexpected for the clash against reindeer on the 19th day of League 1 Sunday evening (8:45 p.m., Prime Video). ” The star striker of PSG is almost done with the ten days of rest allocated by Christophe Galtier after moving to lens. » Number 7 of the PSG who will have three training sessions, like his friend Ashraf Hakimi, before playing the match against Rennes. ” A relatively short period of time, which will require the control of the performance cell and the technical staff to validate their participation in this match. “The Parisians hope to find two players reinvigorated in perspective of the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League against the Bayern Munich February 14th.