PSG: “Believe me, it warms his heart”, Galtier salutes the welcome given to Messi


Before commenting on the success of PSG, this Wednesday evening, against the Angevin red lantern (2-0), Christophe Galtier wished to support the coach of Caen, Stéphane Moulin, bereaved by the death of his wife. After having detailed his analysis of the match, he returned to the return of Lionel Messi and welcomed the welcome given to him by the Parisian public.

How to sum up this evening: an important but disappointing victory in terms of the game?

CHRISTOPHER GALTIER. It is important from an accounting point of view after the defeat at Lens, but also in a particular period with strange results. In terms of the game, it was not perfect, but it is linked to the post-World Cup. For several weeks, the group was very scattered. The states of form are completely different. Little by little, we find our workforce. Achraf Hakimi and Kylian will join us this Thursday. We realize that the many sessions without being complete make us a little lacking. Not on the organization, but there were unusual technical errors in playing areas where we generally do very badly. Tonight there was way too much waste. I had supported my players on the requirement and the seriousness.

Why revert to a three-man defense?

The last two sessions, that of Monday and Tuesday, we worked on a game plan and I quickly realized yesterday that it was not going to work. We worked a lot with the staff to work out the best option and this morning I spoke to my managers to tell them that we were not going to play the way we worked yesterday. It was a good choice, because we are not in an optimal state of form. My players have been serious and I congratulate them. Without this seriousness, we could have been in trouble.

Do you plan to renew this system from now on?

It was for this match, compared to what we had prepared. I felt like it wasn’t going to do it like I said. I need to feel my frames when I take options, I felt that it was not going to pass. I put them back in a system where the team performed very well in the first few weeks. It was the story of a game. We must also have the ability to be able to change during the match depending on the progress of the game.

“Leo is calm, light, very fit on a physical level”

Nordi Mukiele, still performing, is he an Achraf Hakimi understudy or more than that?

Nordi is more than a lining, it is very versatile. The fact that Achraf went to the World Cup, and he went far in the competition, he earned the right to rest and Nordi raised his level of play. It’s a big advantage for me to having players like Achraf or Nordi in my team.

How did you find Lionel Messi for his return?

Already thank you to the supporters, and congratulations to them for having welcomed it like this. Believe me, it warms his heart. Leo had recovered well, he had a lot of sessions with us for a while, he is calm, light, very fit on a physical level. The team without or with Leo gives another face. Leo likes to score and this player profile needs to score. He felt good physically, it was important for him to play again quickly and important for the team to find Leo. The fact that he was able to play the whole game is even better.

What is your point of view on the withdrawal of NLG from the FFF?

I have no comments to make. I’m not going to shoot the ambulance, that’s Federation business.