PSG: the notes of the match

PSG: the notes of the match

PSG surely did not expect that for their entry into the 2022-2023 edition of the Coupe de France. Traveling to Châteauroux, the men of Christophe Galtier, who had decided to trust the young Bitshiabu, Gharbi and Zaire-Emery at kick-off, ended up winning (3-1) and therefore qualifying for the Round of 16 at the end of a meeting where they were jostled by valiant Castelroussins. If the young red and blue shoots displayed an attractive and enterprising face, the experienced Sarabia and Soler were rather disappointed.

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The spectators present at the Gaston-Petit stadium witnessed a first period at two speeds. After a little over 20 seconds, Ekitike already alerted Delecroix to the first Parisian incursion (1st), as if to announce the color of a complicated meeting for the residents of N1. Ekitike, very prominent at the start of the game and perfectly served by Gharbi in the area, came to concretize the Ile-de-France domination with a spontaneous outside of the foot (0-1, 13th). If Gharbi forced Delecroix to a hell of a flight to keep his team in the match (28th), Maxence Flachez’s players regained color over the minutes.

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Châteauroux did more than resist well

The first opportunity for the locals could have been the right one without a decisive intervention from Vitinha in his area in front of Mexico (26th). The light came from the feet of Thio, who, on a shot inadvertently deflected by Bitshiabu in his goal, equalized (1-1, 37th). A small event, Châteauroux having become the first club playing in the 3rd division or below to score against Paris in the Coupe de France since Arras (4-3 victory), 10 years ago to the day. Shaken and more feverish, PSG was even then happy to see Roux’s shot graze the left upright of Navas (42nd).

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Back from the locker room, things weren’t really getting better for the reigning French champions. Without a new rescue, from Marquinhos this time, just ahead of Roux at the first post, Paris SG could have seen Châteauroux pass in front (57th). But the title holders, not very dangerous, knew how to keep their calm and make the difference at the end of the game. On a cross from Vitinha, Soler perfectly followed a header from Ekitike pushed back by Delecroix (1-2, 78th). Almost irreproachable in his goals, the doorman castelroussin, yet author of a new parade in front of the young Housni, even ended up losing a third time on a cross shot from Bernat (1-3, 90th + 1). PSG, qualified for the next round, will be satisfied with it against a formation from Châteauroux which could draw inspiration from its performance in the evening to seek its maintenance in the 3rd division.

man of the match

Vitinha (7.5): in a role of conductor of the midfield, he had to support Zaire-Emery and Gharbi in particular to position themselves and he also combined a lot with them. Offensive breakthroughs and connection attempts with Sarabia and Ekitike. An excellent job on the second Parisian goal. But the Portuguese also made some good defensive returns, like this superb reflex in front of Mexico (26th). Undoubtedly, the biggest satisfaction of the evening, at least among the contenders for a starting position.

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  • Delecroix (7): Asked after 20 seconds by Ekitike, he was vigilant throughout the game. If he can only deflect Ekitike’s shot in his goal (13z), he deployed wonderfully on a point-blank volley from Gharbi (29th) and in front of Mukiele (69th). The 34-year-old goalkeeper was very sovereign in his area, especially on set pieces where his presence reassured. He can hardly do better on the goal of Soler and that of Bernat.

  • Kouadio Ahoussou (4): the excitement often reflected on his transmissions, especially in the 27th minute when his loss of the ball could have cost his team dearly. His sense of anticipation, on the other hand, was decisive as on an attempted strike from Sarabia (59th) or a cross from Vitinha (68th).

  • Youssouf (5) : the Comorian international has put Pablo Sarabia out of harm’s way in every detail. His ability to kick from a corner was a real threat for the Parisians, and he was behind Ntolla’s goal thanks to a nice inspiration on the left side. The menu was plentiful, but he did not give in to indigestion, he could even have scored on a center-shot diverted by Navas (48th).

  • Ouaneh (5): captain castelroussin delivered a decent performance. Cutting edge on his interventions, he sometimes allowed himself a few laser passes. He kept his team alive thanks to a heroic intervention (77′), but was too kind to Vitinha on the second Parisian goal (78′).

  • Fouda (4): the former Caen player was very sober and did not try to free himself from his duties. His mission was to contain Gharbi, something he did rather well throughout the meeting. Replaced by midfielder Opa Sangante (72nd)author of a beautiful entry.

  • Basque (4): if the intensity put by Vitinha and Zaire-Emery sometimes put him in difficulty, he was precious in his reminders. He also helped a lot in the air thanks to his often very precise positioning. Replaced by Romain Grange (84th).

  • Bianchini (5) he devoured spaces, which posed quite a few problems for Bernat in his management of depth. He is the author of a good shift on Ntolla (44th) and could have been a decisive passer on his cross for Roux (58 ‘). Less prominent as his team thereafter.

  • Mexico (5): the former Monaco player improved most of the balls he touched. He could have been a scorer on a service from Viltard, if Marquinhos had not sacrificed himself (25th). Confusing with the ball, he also expressed himself through solo breakthroughs (31st). He then gradually faded away in the second half.

  • Red (3): for lack of starred services, the former Nîmes had to be content with crumbs, which he was sometimes still able to improve. He was the decisive passer on Ntolla’s goal and could have turned the leftovers into a feast if his shot hadn’t flirted with Navas’ post (42′). Replaced by Bozkurt (84th).

  • Viltard (4): the young midfielder on loan from Sochaux gave himself body and soul to defensive tasks, and his contribution was invaluable. He threw a chill into the Parisian defense with a superb cross that was almost decisive for Mexico (2nd), and his technical quality was a real breath of fresh air. He has nothing to be ashamed of his performance.

  • Ntolla (5): little in sight at the start of the meeting, the 23-year-old winger took the temperature before stinging by scoring on a shot blocked before the break (37th). He showed himself to be more and more restless and put in a lot of effort, before going out in the second half. Replaced by Gilles Sunu (71st).

Paris Saint Germain

  • Ships (4): a part where he didn’t have much to do, but wasn’t blameless. If he can’t really prevent the equalizer, he had some errors in his spells and in his positioning. He was even close to deflecting a ball into his own goal, but it finally landed on the crossbar (55th). Before a last solid stop (90th + 3).

  • Bernard (4): little in sight on his lane, the Spanish defender was however very active in the opposing half of the field, but had almost nothing to obtain. Paradoxically, it was he who scored the third goal, in added time. Defensively, he made two interceptions and was solid in front of Bianchini. A dangerous ball loss to report. (44th)

  • Bitshiabu (4): a very complicated match for the young Parisian hopeful. Despite his tall stature, he wasn’t always fair in aerial duels and sometimes seemed to struggle with his placement alongside Marquinhos. Only three duels won, before a big mistake on the conceded goal where he diverted Ntolla’s shot into his own goal. A good learning. Replaced by Ramos (65th)immediately more reassuring and interesting from set pieces.

  • Marquinhos (5.5): the Parisian captain was by far the most reassuring defensively. His reading of the game bothered the Castelroussins a lot at the start of the match and he did not hesitate to project himself forward to accompany his inexperienced midfielder. A decisive intervention in front of Roux (57th).

  • Mukiele (4): injured in a knee from the 9th minute, he seemed embarrassed throughout the start of the match. It was then a little better after the break, where he finally showed himself offensively, but there was a lot of waste in front of goal and some bad choices were made (69th). Against a National 1 team, more was expected of him to show his qualities.

  • Zaire-Emery (6): very relaxed in midfield, he did not hesitate to move forward and combine with his attacking partners. He was less decisive than Gharbi, but his work was important in keeping the ball in Paris. On the other hand, he made some defensive errors by losing a few balls, especially after the break.

  • Vitinha (7.5): see above

  • Gharbi (7): an astonishing start to the match on his part, where he was technically comfortable. A first ball deflected towards Ekitike which turned into an assist. His first with his training club. A beautiful volley from the left foot, diverted by Delecroix (28th). With Zaire-Emery, he is the winner of this turnover carried out by Galtier. Replaced by Ruiz (65th)

  • Soler (5): his goal saved his game. Disappointing throughout the game, he brought almost nothing and was overshadowed by the young Parisians in this match. He had the opportunity to show Christophe Galtier that he could be better than a simple substitute for the “MNM” trio, but the Spaniard disappointed. Yet it was he who offered the qualification to PSG by propelling the ball into the back of the net, even if the goal was empty. Replaced by Housni (85th).

  • Sarabia (3): despite an interesting first pass to Ekitike (1st), the Spaniard had a more than disappointing game. Like Soler, in this revamped PSG, he had to lead by example and be one of the technical leaders in Paris. But it was quite the opposite, since the Titis Parisians showed themselves better than him. Apart from a shot captured easily by Delecroix, Sarabia produced nothing. A huge disappointment for a player of his level.

  • Ekitike (5): he started the game by making a first strike, diverted by the doorman of Châteauroux. His second attempt was the right one as he allowed PSG to quickly open the scoring. He was then less visible throughout the match, before being close to the double, but Delecroix prevented him by making a superb save (78th).

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