The young Camille had met Mbappé, since then she has been distributing dreams

The young Camille had met Mbappé, since then she has been distributing dreams

Kylian Mbappé had dedicated his goal to him in January 2022. Camille, 9, a resident of Châteaubourg, near Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine), had challenged herself to meet her footballing idol. Wednesday August 24, 2022, after having traveled more than 80 km in three days by bike to reach the Parc des Princes and raise funds for sick children, little Camille suffering from a rare disease was finally able to meet the players of PSG and his idol Mbappé after a reception with great fanfare that social networks had relayed with joy. What has become of Camille since? The young girl and her parents have agreed to give news…

“There are bad people”

Smoke bombs, flags, songs, guard of honor of PSG supporters who came to applaud him, this is a memory that Camille will not forget. The PSG star had offered him a signed jersey. She had given him a pen to sign contracts​. His eyes still sparkle.

The story between the Castelbourgeoise and the footballer began in January 2022 with a video in which she asked the star striker to stay at PSG: Please stay at Paris Saint-Germain and continue to make us dream for a long time. I wish you a great year with Paris Saint-Germain and the France team. We love you. Video that had sparked a torrent of insults. Some even see it as a conspiracy because of the partnership between A smile for Camille, an association created by the parents of the young girl, and the PSG Foundation. A surge of hatred denounced in stride by the association and thousands of other users of the social network.

Camille, with her father Sylvain Dif, helps sick children like her to realize their dreams too. | WEST FRANCE

Of the wickedness that Camille did not read but knew. I understood that there are mean people and nice people, on social networks toosmiled the girl.

This is for you, Camilla. The image did not go unnoticed on Saturday January 15, 2022. Kylian Mbappé, the Paris Saint-Germain player, signed his goal scored in the 32e minute of play against Brest to the young Camille. The footballer had clearly shown his support for the little girl then, on Twitter.

“In contact with children”

The association A smile for Camille was created at the end of 2019 by Noëlly and Sylvain, her parents. Suffering from Vacterl syndrome, Camille is affected by a set of anomalies and malformations. This association allows Camille and other sick children to realize their dreams. We write to personalities. Some respond, some don’t. Camille says she is lucky, despite her illness, to meet all these people, to go on stage to make dreams come true. She wants others to benefit too.

Since her beautiful meeting at the Parc des Princes in August, Camille has continued to distribute smiles and dreams to sick children. We distribute gifts, one Friday a month, in five hospitals in the region. We went to Rennes University Hospital not long ago. Camille meets stars, but what she prefers is being in contact with sick children and giving them gifts​, says Sylvain Dif, his father.

Camille continues her schooling normally in Châteaubourg. My friends today know I’m sick, but they tell me they don’t care. For his parents, the disease is so rare that we have no visibility on life expectancy and evolution. So we smile, because Camille always smiles even though she is the one who is sick”.

To help sick children realize their dreams, it is possible to write to Camille and her parents at