PSG – Angers (2-0) No party? No problem, Lionel Messi is still having fun

 PSG - Angers (2-0) No party?  No problem, Lionel Messi is still having fun

Without drum or trumpet. Lionel Messi returned to Ligue 1 as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn’t stepped on the world a few days ago. Messi is world champion but PSG preferred not to celebrate him, for fear of seeing the public at the Park shake him up. No guard of honor or the slightest bouquet for the one who wrote one of the most beautiful pages in the history of football in December. Paris played it safe with a flat foot.

However, never in this evening without great thrill against Angers (2-0), the Park did not seem to reproach him for having overthrown the French team in Doha. The Parisian supporters certainly did not celebrate their little genius but no one gave them the opportunity. And they kept encouraging him during the meeting, until “Messi, Messi“Worthy of his finest hours in Barcelona descended in number from the Park on a very hot free kick at the end of the match.

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Paris flies away, Messi takes care of his return


Messi decisive in PSG’s opener against Angers

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Bernardoni: “That’s why we play football”

But as no one wanted to assume the celebration of his title of world champion, Lionel Messi took care of everything, all alone. It was a nice evening for a successful return, worthy of what he had displayed in the eyes of the world in Qatar. It was he who unlocked the meeting with a nice shift full of intelligence for Nordi Mukiele on the opener. And it was he again who sealed the fate of the match with a good sequence.

Too bad his ladle for Neymar is annihilated by the illicit position of the Brazilian, because the Argentinian had reserved a new magic trick for a Park which ended up succumbing. Even Paul Bernardoni, the Angers goalkeeper, was under the spell at the end of the match: “We know very well the legend that it is. When we were little, we dreamed of playing against players like that. That’s why we play football“, he admitted to the microphone of our colleagues from Canal +.

He is soothed by having won the trophy he was missing

We saw the best player in the world todaymarveled Christophe Galtier, who is obviously not afraid to offend Kylian Mbappé. He really wanted to play again, he prepared well and recovered well. I found it in legs. When he is on the pitch, things change.“To those who imagined seeing him disconnect after his world title and tarnish the end of the season, his match against Angers gives a first element of response.

He is soothed by having won the trophy he was missingcontinued Galtier. He wanted to be quickly reconnected with the game, the competition. And tonight he had a great game.“If the Park supported him, there was no question for him of celebrating the victory. As every time for a year, he joined the locker room as soon as the game was over, leaving it to his teammates to commune. last left their mark.And even if, this Wednesday, no one blamed him for having deprived the Blues of a third star, Messi has a memory.

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