Messi wore fake trophy in world’s most liked photo (and didn’t know it)

Messi wore fake trophy in world's most liked photo (and didn't know it)

Lionel Messi was not wearing the right World Cup in the photo that has become the most liked in the history of Instagram, a few moments after the coronation of Argentina at the expense of France (3-3, 4 tab 2).

History is sometimes written on a misunderstanding. This is a bit like the most liked photo of all time on Instagram (74.4 million times). A record held by Lionel Messi who appears from a low angle with his arms raised in the sky carrying the world champion trophy. Except that it was not the real one given a few moments earlier by Gianni Infantino, president of Fifa, on the winners’ podium.

Lionel Messi actually wore a replica made by a couple of Argentinian fans in Buenos Aires and taken to Doha as a talisman. Present in the stands of the Lusail stadium for the final, the man and the woman handed over their precious totem in the hands of the Albiceleste players during their lap of honor.

It thus passed from hand to hand before ending up in those of Lionel Messi who was therefore unaware that he was wearing a simple imitation. He was finally alerted by Angel Di Maria a few moments before having fun with this confusion with the former Parisian. The scene was captured by an accredited photographer present around the field. We see Di Maria, hilarious, showing Messi the underside of the real trophy attesting to its veracity in comparison to the other.

The photographer, who had met the creators of the fake trophy – a couple Paula and Manuel and their children – during the competition, then launched an appeal to try to understand the story behind the laughter between Messi and Di Maria. Paula then came forward, telling him that she was the source of this misunderstanding. In an interview with Clarin, the couple explained the genesis of this trophy, which has become the most famous in the world on Instagram.

“Before the World Cup, we contacted people who are dedicated to making mugs and it took them six months to make it, they said. It has the weight of the original, it is made of resin and quartz inside and bathed in gold paint. There are details, marks and reliefs that don’t look alike, but the difference is minimal.”

The trophy borrowed by Paredes

How did it then end up in the hands of the players? “The idea was that the players could sign it, but in the end the Cup entered the field three times, smiles the couple. The first time, it was taken by a relative of Paredes, and he signed it. The second time they asked us and it was 45 minutes, it was going from player to player, family member to family, and they were taking pictures. said to me ‘you lost the cup’. We had fun but we wanted it back. There I shouted at a few players ‘if you see the Cup that Paredes has, it’s ours’, and in the end Lautaro Martínez brought it and also signed it. FIFA staff came to the scene and asked us to confirm that it was not the original.”

The original trophy, named the Winner Trophy, returns to FIFA headquarters in Switzerland after being lifted by the winner on the day of the final. An official copy is then given to the world champions. “When we started to see the photos, we realized that Leo had lifted our trophy, concludes the couple. We saw details, especially of the lower part, which confirmed that it was indeed ours. Antonella (the wife of Leo) lifted the trophy and one of their children as well.”