For Christophe Galtier, Mbappé is “ready to play Rennes-PSG”

For Christophe Galtier, Mbappé is

“Is Kylian Mbappé ready to play against Rennes?
He recovered well, like Achraf Hakimi. They are ready to play and available for the group. Kylian does not seem to me marked by the disappointment of not having won the World Cup. He is good, available, smiling. He trains normally, like a great professional.

This season, midfielders are little involved in your team’s goals. How do you explain this lack of offensive contribution?
It’s a bit about the characteristics of our team and the way we can evolve in different systems. Even if they don’t seem to be very involved in the goals scored, we especially have our attackers who score a lot of goals, it’s already very important. Afterwards, our game is also made by a game of combinations where we are very close to the penalty area, there is very little room for transition on the goals we score. On a tactical level, as much as I ask them to be very present in the construction of the game, I also ask them to be very supportive of our attackers and also to be in balance to try to win the ball as quickly as possible. possible and to thwart all offensive transitions against opponents who are often grouped together. If we can improve their attacking contribution, we will, but there is also the fact that there is a lot of rotation in the middle.

“Making players find some connection in the game”

How did the reunion between Mbappé, Neymar and Messi go?
It is important that they are together. The reunion is going very well. Kylian was very well received in the locker room by Ney, by Leo. Our workforce has been dispersed for almost two months. Today, we are starting to find collective sessions with our more balanced game sectors. We try to ensure that the players find a certain connection in the game. It is up to me and my staff to quickly ensure that they can rediscover the pleasure of playing together, of reconnecting and that there are many more binding between the lines than on our post-World Cup matches.

What are the areas for improvement for the second half of the season?
We must be more killers in matches and give less hope to the opponent as long as the gap is not made. We can see that Ligue 1 is improving, week by week. It is always necessary to insist on this right balance to avoid that the team is cut in two. Everyone has to work for the team, that’s the only important thing.

Where is Verratti’s injury?
Marco is fine, he will very quickly resume the race to very quickly reintegrate the group.

What do you think of your Rennes opponent?
It’s a team that projects very quickly in attack, which poses big problems for its opponents on the offensive level. They lost Martin Terrier to whom I wish a speedy recovery. They have several absentees but it remains a formidable opponent. It is a very difficult team to maneuver at home. It will be a very rhythmic, very committed match. We’ll have to be good technically and very vigilant in low bouldering because it’s a team that gives a lot of problems when approaching the last twenty meters. »