Galtier announces a ready Mbappé and decides on Sarabia!


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Tomorrow evening, Paris Saint-Germain will have the opportunity to consolidate their lead at the top of Ligue 1 with this trip to Rennes. The opportunity for Christophe Galtier to come to a press conference and announce the return of Kylian Mbappé. He also took the opportunity to discuss the departure of Pablo Sarabia as well as the absence of Marco Verratti.

On Mbappe

“He is ready to play, he has recovered well. He is ready and available for the group. I had exchanged as soon as he returned from the World Cup, he quickly returned, smiling, like a great professional.”

On the low efficiency of the media

“These are the characteristics of our team where we evolve in different systems. Our attackers score a lot of goals. Our game is also made by a game of combination. There is very little room for transition and therefore projection on our circles “I ask them to be present in the construction of the game but also to serve our attackers well. But it’s a balance, I want them to be reactive to the loss. But if we can improve it, of course that “We will. There are also a lot more rotations in midfield than in other sectors. It’s a question of balance and I’m very attached to this idea.”

On his requests to the MNM

“I give them a lot of freedom so my midfielders have to support them and be very reactive to the opponent’s outbursts. On an attacking level, I make sure that our three attackers are in ideal conditions. They have to play in their best areas . After that, their quality does the rest. We have to free up their areas so that they can be more decisive.”

On the reunion of the MNM

“It’s important that they are together. Kylian was well received by Leo and Ney. We make sure that the three are connected. It has been two months since our squad was dispersed, now we are starting to find collective sessions with our sectors of play more balanced, unfortunately the group is not yet complete. We are trying to find this connection. The automatisms with the selection have put ours aside. It is up to me and my staff to quickly put them back in the bath. “

On the Lille match at the start of the season

“It would be good to do this kind of match again (laughs), it would be good for my health. We had shown impressive collective strength. It is also perhaps this match that makes our opponents play differently. I am in research to regain this strength, regardless of the system put in place. We must find much more intensity and reactions to the loss AND above all much less technical waste as was the case in the Coupe de France.

About Sarabia

“Pablo is a very good player, he wasn’t happy too so he wasn’t productive. I’m not one to keep players unhappy. It’s on track, he has the opportunity to join the Premier League. There’s no point in keeping players unhappy. If he can thrive in the Premier League, so much the better. I wish him great success. Will Pablo be replaced? The club is working on different avenues. But we won’t take for the sake of taking. I also want to trust the young people.”

On the difficulties in the game during the first part of the season

“We had a good first half of the season, we were undefeated until the trip to Lens. The first half of the season was very interesting. We have to be more killers in matches and give our opponents less hope. Ligue 1 is improving season after season, month after month. We must always insist on balance, everyone must work for the team. We must put ourselves at the service of the team.”

About Verratti

“He is a very important player, and even more so for several years. He has the science of placement and can play in all systems, he has this connection with our attacking players. He will quickly resume the race to rejoin the group. “

About Rennes

“It’s a very good team, the credit goes to Bruno (Génésio). We will have a very rhythmic match, very committed despite their absences (Terrier, Xeka, Bourigeaud …). It’s a difficult team to maneuver at home. We will have to have the ball and be good in the transition because it is a team that projects very quickly offensively.”