Handball World Championship – In madness with PSG one after his aggression, Prandi finally wants to shine with the Blues

Handball World Championship – In madness with PSG one after his aggression, Prandi finally wants to shine with the Blues

Will the love story finally begin between Elohim Prandi and the France team? Injured during the 2021 World Cup, absent from the victorious Olympic campaign in Tokyo and the last European Championship 2022, the left-back of Paris Saint-Germain is this time part of the trip to Sweden and Poland. With a feeling of revenge to inhabit it, as for several months.

At 24, the tricolor blaster intends to ride on his excellent start to the club season to (finally) take a step in the selection. Several even if we rely on the latest releases of the ambitious Elohim, promised a bright future for ages. A little over a year after the New Year’s Eve drama where he suffered several stab wounds, Prandi now wants to mark the occasion with the Blues for his first world championship with the A.

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The fright of New Year’s Eve, the fright of a lifetime

Elohim Prandi has come a long way over the last few months and that’s an understatement. An obstacle course, almost. Attacked with a knife on New Year’s Eve a year ago, the former USAM Nîmes player could never have tasted handball again. “Once or twice, yeah, I felt like I was leaving for real. Sometimes I didn’t want to close my eyes to sleep for fear of never opening them again.“, confided the Habs in an interview with the Parisian in March 2022.

This tragic night was also an opportunity for the French international to sort out, to refocus to open a new page in his career, as he recently explained to bein Sports. “I almost broke down, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a lot of time to reflect, to question myself and to know what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be.”

Back in form, the left-back spared no effort to regain his best level. “I measure the path traveled over the past year. For me, it was about working to come back. I still have to do a lot of things and show that I can keep this place in this squad. (note, from the French team) in the long term, to show that I am reliable and that people can count on me when they ask me.”

Elohim Prandi (PSG)

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A status of taulier at PSG, a story to definitely launch with the Blues

And the 24-year-old can capitalize on his strengths and his start to the season to shine with the Blues. Scorer 88 times in 14 D1 matches with an average of 6.3 goals per match, the dynamite of PSG, with whom he recently extended until 2026, has the best shooting success percentage in the championship (63.7 %). His statistics are also soaring in the Champions League where he has already scored 54 times in 9 outings with similar success (68%). Without forgetting a precious altruism where he multiplies the caviars for his friends.

It is especially in terms of leadership and event management that Elohim Prandi has taken a step forward. A boon for Paris and for the Blues, as he pointed out during the preparation for the World Cup. “I feel much calmer, calmer, and much more focused on my goals, in life as in the hand.” “The best way to leave hardships behind is to perform“, dropped the player in an interview with the Sunday newspaper.

Often imperial on the offensive level with a very powerful right arm to find the fault, the 24-year-old player has shown great progress in terms of explosiveness and understanding of the game for a few months as he analyzed it with our colleagues. of beIN. “I’m stronger, I’m faster, it’s a reality. I always try to work on my tone. I want to ‘optimize’ myself to be the most complete and strong player possible.”

The course has passed

Immeasurable talent, the left-back unfortunately multiplied the missed appointments with the Blues. 2023 is the year of revenge and he knows it. In a very busy position both quantitatively and qualitatively, Elohim Prandi nevertheless has a card to play in the collective of Guillaume Gille. In competition with the Nantais Thibaud Briet, another promise of this group France, the legend Nikola Karabatic or even Romain Lagarde, the Parisian is determined to make a name for himself.

It’s good, I made my two, three situational errors, now it’s over. I don’t want people to take me for a young person. I gave, I’m 24 years old“, split the rigorous warrior after the friendly match against the Netherlands in early January (43-32) in comments reported by The Team.

Statistically discreet against Poland on Wednesday night (0/1), the mover, “eternally dissatisfied” as he likes to describe himself, should have some great opportunities to shine this Saturday for the second pool match against Saudi Arabia (kick-off, 6 p.m.). And definitely begin the resumption of his idyll with the team of France.

Elohim Prandi during the French handball team’s preparation match against the Netherlands in January 2023.

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