LIVE – PSG: Galtier’s conference before the trip to Rennes

LIVE - PSG: Galtier's conference before the trip to Rennes

On the victory in Lille at the start of the season

Galtier: “It’s the story of a match… We opened the scoring quickly. The opponents haven’t played the same way since. The animation depends on the players who are available. We have to find more intensity. Above all, we must have less technical waste.”

On the MNM reunion: Galtier wants to create a new “connection”

Galtier: “Very good! Kylian was well received by Ney, by Léo. Our squad has been dispersed for two months. Today we are starting to have more balanced areas of play. The players are finding a certain connection. To me and my staff that they can rediscover the pleasure of playing together, of reconnecting.”

On the MNM

Galtier: “I give them a lot of freedom. On a tactical level, we try to thwart the first outings of the opponent. On the offensive level, we try to ensure that they are in their best zone.”

On the role of environments

Galtier: “Our game is made up of combinations. There is very little room for transition. On a tactical level, I ask them to be in support of our attackers.”

Mbappé ready against Rennes?

Galtier: “He’s ready to play. He recovered well like Hakimi. I didn’t trade with him. I did when he returned from the World Cup. He doesn’t seem marked by disappointment. He is available and smiling like a great professional.”

Galtier arrives at a press conference

The press briefing will begin.

On the game against Rennes

Galtier on the PSG media: “The teams are uninhibited. Angers came with a lot of ambition. We have to have difficult matches. It’s better for us. We expect a difficult match. fans are pushing very hard. It will be a very open match. We will have to be better in the use of the ball than against Angers. Afraid? No. We still have the ambition to be good, to win. Opposite there is a good team, a good coach, Bruno Genesio.”

Galtier on Ekitike

Galtier with the PSG media: “Hugo had a long period of adaptation. He had to get his bearings. In his 3 games, he was decisive. He is progressing, finding his bearings. We are very satisfied. He will have the opportunity to play a lot.”

Make way for Christophe Galtier’s conference

The PSG coach is expected in a few moments for the traditional pre-match press briefing, 24 hours from the trip to Rennes.

The medical point: Verratti is forfeited

The PSG medical update this Saturday at midday:

– Hit in the right quadriceps, Marco Verratti will resume collective training soon.

– Nuno Mendes, whose collective training is going well, will return to competition next week.

– Presnel Kimpembe continues his individual work and will resume running in the coming days.

Verratti’s new focus

Forfeited against Angers on Wednesday after being hit in the right quadriceps, and a priori still unavailable for the trip to Brittany tomorrow, Marco Verratti gave an interview to France Soccerin which he returns in particular to his reputation as a party animal.

“This reputation bothered me because, most of the time, it was not true, he says. When you are a journalist, you have to do things with honesty. If it is true, I take my responsibilities, as I did a lot of times. But I was made to look like someone who went out every night. In the end, it wasn’t right.”

“People who know me know what I do and who I am, he adds. There are times when I knew I could go out, others when I knew I had to rest. And I I was 20, it was different. Today I like to go out to dinner with my teammates, my friends, but those are things that everyone does.”

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Welcome to this direct dedicated to Paris Saint-Germain. Leader of Ligue 1, PSG will travel Sunday evening to Rennes (4th) at the end of the 19th day of Ligue 1 (8:45 p.m.). On the eve of this shock, Christophe Galtier will speak this Saturday at a press conference, from 1 p.m.