Anne Hidalgo excludes any sale of the Parc des Princes, the club reacts! —

PSG : Anne Hidalgo exclut toute vente du Parc des Princes, le club réagit !

In addition to the sports sector and recent changes in its management, PSG find themselves in the midst of a hot topic when it comes to the Parc des Princes. The capital club would like to buy the stadium but the City of Paris has been opposed to it for years. Tensions have even arisen in recent months between the leaders of PSG and the town hall of Paris. And obviously, nothing has improved lately in view of the last outing of Anne Hidalgo.

Nasser al-Khelaïfi, president of PSG, with the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo at the Parc des Princes (Icon Sport)

Hidalgo ends PSG hopes

Questioned by the readers of the daily The Parisian, Anne Hidalgo has put a huge stop to PSG. The mayor of Paris has announced that the Parc des Princes will not be sold. And that his position, supported by his elected officials, would not move. “Very clearly, the Parc des Princes is not for sale. And it will not be sold. This is a firm and final position. It is an exceptional heritage of Parisians“said Anne Hidalgo. The elected official therefore puts an end to the hopes of PSG, whose priority was to become the owner of the Parc des Princes. “PSG deserve a better stadium. My first option was not to change. But the city of Paris pushes us to do it“, said Nasser al-Khelaïfi, the president of PSG, during the World Cup.

PSG reacts in stride!

Following this statement by the mayor of Paris, PSG reacted immediately. “PSG have already invested more than 85 million euros to maintain the Parc des Princes, and have pledged to invest an additional 500 million eurosexplained the PSG to the Parisian. Our project is to offer fans, and all Parisians, a high-performance stadium to allow PSG to develop and play at the highest level. It is obvious that such a large investment will only be made by PSG if we become owners of the Parc des Princes. By definitively closing the takeover discussions that began a very long time ago and by refusing our very significant investment to renovate the Park, the mayor is forcing PSG to leave her house and imposing a tax burden of several million euros on Parisian taxpayers..”

The Parc des Princes, the enclosure where PSG plays, will not be sold according to Anne Hidalgo (Icon Sport)
The Parc des Princes, the enclosure where PSG plays, will not be sold according to Anne Hidalgo (Icon Sport)

In order to increase its revenue, and to better respect the rules of financial fair play, PSG wishes to have a stadium with greater capacity. Buying the Parc des Princes and carrying out work there was the main objective of the capital club. A scenario that promises to be complicated even if Anne Hidalgo says she is open to discussions. “Of course we must support PSG in its desire and need for renovation, increased capacity, modernization of the Park“, she confided. Without a final agreement with the City of Paris, it could be that PSG is considering the construction of a new enclosure.