Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar stays, Qatar provokes a general fight

Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar stays, Qatar provokes a general fight

Neymar made a resounding return to PSG after the 2022 World Cup by being expelled against Strasbourg. However, the Parisian leaders have reportedly changed their minds regarding his future.

Neymar is clearly a special player in the Parisian workforce, because every news concerning him immediately takes on enormous importance, the Brazilian star having on social networks probably as many supporters as detractors. And since he signed at PSG in 2017, this has been further accentuated, the number 10 of Paris Saint-Germain and Seleçao having, it is true, done everything to ensure that his situation generates a lot of controversy. Between his stated desire to return to FC Barcelona, ​​to the point of being ready to pay part of the transfer, his chaotic lifestyle, his performances never up to par when the capital club needs him, Neymar is divisive at point of blurring the Parisian leaders. And this is still the case since less than a year after pushing ney towards the exit, and placed the latter on the transfer market. Nasser Al-Khelaifi has visibly changed his mind.

Neymar finally kept at PSG

While the name of Neymar has been mentioned on the side of Chelsea, given the delirious winter transfer window of the Blues, Le Parisien affirms this Sunday, a few hours from the Rennes-PSG match, that finally the Parisian officials are finally no longer really decided to sell at all costs the one who is now under contract until 2027 after having himself exercised the option for an additional season. ” While the Parisian management wanted to part with it last summer, it put this position on stand-by during the season “Explains the Ile-de-France daily, which also believes that Neymar has no desire to leave Paris Saint-Germain for Chelsea, Manchester City or elsewhere. The choice of Nasser Al-Khelaifi can obviously surprise insofar as the Qatari boss had clearly pointed the finger in June 2022 at the player recruited for 222 million euros, saying that the latter had to fall into line or leave. And this of course while he also whispers that Kylian Mbappé would be very favorable to the departure of his teammate. Enough to feed the Parisian social networks which ignited Saturday on the Neymar case.

Because if he is not unanimous in the world of football, Neymar is not unanimous either among PSG supporters and we have seen it in recent hours. It was a tweet from Mookie, supporter and influencer, seen by nearly 2.3 million people that started the fire. ” I’m sorry, but I will no longer defend Neymar Jr, in 5 and a half years, he has never really known how to carry Paris Saint-Germain. He threatened to leave us, said that his best moment in football was the comeback and so on, despite that I had always defended him… STOP! “, launched this fan, opening the floodgates to a huge battle. Because at a time when Paris Saint-Germain seems to be considering not selling the Brazilian player, the latter still has staunch fans. Journalist at Liberation, and PSG supporter, Damien Dole stepped up to the plate: “ But why say that now? What did he do ? No player under QSI was perfect in his attitudes, and on the field, he responded more than many others. Afterwards, yes, he was absent, but you have to see the injuries, it’s often on blows or support. However, the tone quickly rose.

Neymar’s name is clearly a sensitive subject, even to the point that supporters tear each other apart all day long, Neymar and his fans inheriting the nickname of king’s path from those who do not support them. And on Twitch or on Space, the invective rains down live, even though we did not yet know of Paris Saint-Germain’s decision to finally keep number 10 at least until the end of the season. promise many debates when PSG will have to rely on Neymar in the upcoming European games.