How many QSI players in PSG’s best eleven?

How many QSI players in PSG's best eleven?

When it comes to the best eleven in the history of PSG, two eras necessarily stand out in the formation of the team, that of the Canal Plus era in the mid-90s and the recent era of QSI. To build the eleven type, we started on a 4-2-3-1, taking into account the forces in offensive presence. In defense, the party was taken to place versatile axial on the sides given the quality of the choice in central defense compared to that in the position of full-back.

Bernard Lama

In the goals, there is no possible dispute. Bernard Lama, best goalkeeper in the world in the mid-90s, before his serious knee injury, is the de facto winner. Alone Joel Batshistorical doorman of the time Gerard Houllier, could have claimed the position, but llama is above.


At the right-back position, we will place Marquinhos, who has established himself among the great players of the club and who could help out on the right when he started out. It’s not his favorite position, but we had to make room for the Brazilian. Other, Laurent Fournier would have imposed himself on the post.


The legendary Brazilian rock of the era Canal Plus deserves its place in the historic team of the PSG. Both by his quality as a player and by his influence on the team, embodying one of the great periods of the Parisian club.

Thiago Silva

Although he failed to bring the PSG to the final victory in the Champions League, Thiago Silva was for several years the best central defender in the world. He nevertheless brought Paris very close to the heights and deserves to register his name in the 11th type.

Gabriel Heinze

The choice of Gabriel Heinze can lend itself to discussion because the player then evolved toOM, but his time in Paris was simply extraordinary. In a left-back position where no one is needed, the Argentinian central defender, who could also evolve on the side, stands out. It also makes it possible to compensate for the very attacking profile of the team, with a front quartet that defends little. Otherwise, the Brazilian Maxwell remains an option.

Luis Fernández

The French midfielder literally carried the PSG towards the title of champion of France in 1986. His impressive volume, his status as captain and international member of the magic square of Platinum legitimize its place. Not far behind, we find the trio of the era Canal Plus, Paul LeGuen, Daniel Bravo and Vincent Guerin.

Marco Verratti

Given his outstanding quality as a player and his history with the club, Marco Verratti is totally essential in the legendary eleven to form the duo of defensive midfielders with Luis Fernández.

David Ginola

In the mid-1990s, while occupying the right (or left) wing of the attack of the formation ofArthur Jorge, David Ginolawas probably in the top three of the best players in the world. Over two or three years, before his transfer to England, his level with the PSG was exceptional.


In a nine-and-a-half or playmaking role is probably one of the most contested positions. We could have placed Safet Susic, Valdo, Rai, Youri Djorkaeff, Ronaldinho, or of course Lionel Messi, that it is a real heartbreak not to place him in the team, one of the best players in the history of football. Unfortunately, it has not yet weighed enough on the history of the PSG to put his name on it. Neymar, for his status as a world star and for what he has been able to accomplish since his arrival, despite a feeling of incompleteness still present today, finally wins the place.

Kylian Mbappe

The presence on the left wing of Kylian Mbappe now appears essential both because of his performances since his arrival and his statistics and the status he has acquired in world football.

George Weah

Again, many players could have claimed this place between Pauleta, Edinson Cavani and especially Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But we finally lean towards George Weah who was able to weigh in the major European events of the Canal Plus era where the Swedish star did not release a historic performance.