Mbappé, harassment … Rose Bertram breaks the silence and puts things right

Mbappé, harassment ... Rose Bertram breaks the silence and puts things right

Ex-girlfriend of Gregory Van der Wiel, Rose Bertram has found herself in recent days at the center of attention, especially on social networks. Indeed, her supposed romantic relationship with Kylian Mbappé has caused a lot of talk and this has earned the Belgian model many criticisms on the internet. Silent so far, Rose Bertram has decided to speak out to denounce these actions.

While we have known Rose Bertram for his relationship with Gregory Van der Wielformer player PSG, now a romance with Kylian Mbappé has been lent to the Belgian model. Indeed, on social networks, it had been revealed that the two had become closer, but that Rose Bertram had bad intentions in mind regarding the star of the PSG and of theFrench team. This then ignited the net and a flood of hatred fell on the native of Kortrijk. It’s become too much for Rose Bertram who then came out of silence on Monday on his account instagram.

“None of what has been alleged is true”

Through a press release on its social networks, Rose Bertram wanted to put things right about everything that has been said about him lately. ” I don’t usually respond to gossip or rumours, but there is obviously a line that should not be crossed. Over the past few weeks, lies have been spread about me which are causing serious harm to my family, my surroundings and myself. 2023 started for me in hate and cyberbullying, this situation is the sad picture of what our society has become “, she explained.

Rose Bertram then added: None of what has been alleged is true. The truth can in no way come from an ill-intentioned stranger who knows nothing of my private life and moreover hides behind a screen. What is most derogatory is the fact that some people may believe and feed all this nonsense. There is no proof of everything that has been said against me, but everything is a tissue of lies that harm my image and my reputation. “.

“Let’s spread the truth, spread peace and be kind and tolerant with each other”

In a world where getting views, clicks and likes is all that matters, we sometimes forget we’re only human and cyberbullying can have serious consequences and destroy lives. So I expressed the need to express myself, because if we leave it silent and allow everyone to say whatever they want, we might think that this is normal. Unfortunately, there are still many people today who suffer unjustified attacks and this saddens me greatly. For all my community and the people who have followed me since the beginning, I greatly appreciate your support, thank you. Let’s spread the truth, spread peace, and be kind and tolerant with each other. In the end, love alone will prevail. PINK “, she then concluded to denounce cyberbullying on social networks.