Foot PSG – PSG: The treatment of Mbappé in Rennes, France divided!

Foot PSG – PSG: The treatment of Mbappé in Rennes, France divided!

Defeated in Rennes, Kylian Mbappé will at least be able to console himself with the nice ovation received when he entered the game. The PSG star has been a hit since the World Cup, and that is disturbing.

Back from vacation only this Thursday, Kylian Mbappé is not the type to want to stay at rest or in care to wait to be 100%. He was on the scoresheet this Sunday in Rennes, and he came into play when he saw his team in difficulty at Roazhon Park. It didn’t really change the situation, and the French international seemed to lack a bit of freshness and lucidity to influence the match. There is no doubt that the Parisian supporters will not blame him for the defeat, he who never hides when it comes to taking on his responsibilities, and has always struggled to help PSG, in Ligue 1 or in the Champions League.

Mbappé is applauded by Roazhon Park

But the day after this very popular poster on Amazon Prime, it was his entry into play in place of Hugo Ekitike which caused a debate on the way in which the star of the Blues is welcomed in French stadiums. Before the World Cup, Kylian Mbappé was always highly respected, even if the Vélodrome did not stand up to applaud him. But whether in Lens or this Sunday in Rennes, the top scorer of the World Cup, true leader of France in Qatar, received a very nice ovation each time. An exemplary public, and who highlights and rewards his talent with the Blues, or spectators who are a little too complacent with an opponent? The scene provoked discussions on the behavior to have, especially since it could happen again in other stadiums, at least as long as the memory of the World Cup is still very present in people’s minds.

Admittedly, Lens and Rennes are known to be audiences that do not surf on the hatred of the opponent, but this Mbappé-Mania has its followers. “That’s an audience”, “it’s deserved for everything he’s done in the France team”, “We like football like that”, “connoisseur’s audience”, “it’s beautiful to see “, “it is our national kyky”, let know the followers of the meeting. In the other direction, it is all the charm of the rivalry which disappears with the fact of applauding an adversary. “And if he scores a double, they give him an ovation”, “In Marseille we will not give him this gift”, “shame”, “proof that France is not a football country”, launched the opponents.

A vast debate therefore, but nevertheless the attitude of the Rennes public makes it possible to show Kylian Mbappé that he has won the hearts of all French people, whatever club they support. A unanimity which is all the same very rare and reserved for the greatest talents of this sport. Lionel Messi, on his debut with PSG, was acclaimed in his first games. And earlier, this was also the case of Pelé during matches of the Paris Tournament, where the Parc des Princes had warmly welcomed him as the first superstar of world football. With hindsight, if ever Kylian Mbappé were to go abroad one day and become rare on French lawns, spectators may say to themselves that they did well to celebrate the appearances of the French prodigy in League stadiums. 1.