Kylian Mbappé, more than a football player?

Kylian Mbappé, more than a football player?

As the years go by, Kylian Mbappé is gaining more and more importance in the world of football, and even outside it. Has the Parisian number 7 become more than just a football player? Some answers in this column.

Since the World Cup final, Kylian Mbappé has gained leadership in the French team locker room. And his words at half-time against Argentina illustrate this new managerial influence in the Blue locker room: “Guys, it’s a World Cup, it’s the match of a lifetime! We can’t do worse! We go back to the field, either we let them play stupid or we put on the intensity, we win the duels and we do something else guys!“.

At the center of the Parisian project

In Paris, the number 7 extended his contract to become the central player of the Parisian project. Now linked to the capital club until 2025, Kylian Mbappé chose Paris rather than Real Madrid, who were reaching out to him.

Thus he declared on May 21 following this contract extension: “There is this sentimental side with France. The project changed and that made me want to continue. My story here is not over and I still have great chapters to write with Paris Saint-Germain.

A sporting choice under the eye of politics

The extension of Mbappé in Paris has taken turns of a national affair, so much so that at the highest level of the state, we wanted to influence the maintenance of the World Champion within the club of the capital. Kylian Mbappé indeed admitted last May that President Macron had repeatedly exchanged and pushed for a contract extension: “We talked a lot of times. Let’s say that was good advice. He wanted me to stay, it’s part of the negotiations.

An athlete who counts in public opinion

This intervention by the President of the Republic says a lot about the weight that Kylian Mbappé has gained in French public opinion. His hat-trick in the World Cup final only added to this effect of popularity within the country. And what about his recent tweet, in favor of Zinedine Zidane, seen more than 105 million times…

This position is neither trivial nor anecdotal. By choosing to give his opinion publicly, Kylian Mbappé has decided to put himself forward in front of his own Federation President (Noël Le Graët), where many executives of the France team or former players have decided to keep the silence.

A special attachment to France

By deciding to stay in France, Kylian Mbappé has surely contributed to being even more appreciated by part of the population, without being unanimous. His attachment to France seems obvious. Remember, for example, that Kylian Mbappé extended to Paris with the desire in sight to participate in the Olympic Games for his country.

This desire was clearly expressed following his contract extension in Paris: “Of course I want to represent France at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. That’s what we talked about in the outlines of the contract with the club. It’s really an occasion, it will be the 100th anniversary of Paris 1924, it’s one of the biggest sporting events. Sport is feelings, emotions. The possibility of playing such a competition at home in front of families, friends, the whole world watching you, is not to be overlooked. It’s a childhood dream, I always said I wanted to participate, I hope I’ll have the opportunity.

A duty to set an example

With this notoriety now well established, Kylian Mbappé undoubtedly has in mind that exemplary behavior must be in order, whether on or off the field. On the pitch, his investment and his permanent desire to win and break records is quite obvious.

Off the field, the native of Bondy sets an example by being involved in the Foundation PSG, but also because of its action in the charitable field. Kylian Mbappé is part of the Enfoirés troop, in favor of Restos du Coeur. He is also invested in the Abbé Pierre Foundation, where he already has substantial donations.

It should also be added that Kylian Mbappé is also involved in the fight against ‘junk food’ by refusing to participate in advertising campaigns linked to foods that are too sweet or linked to fast food.

Also, the native of Bondy refused to participate in advertisements related to online betting games.

In your opinion, is Kylian Mbappé more than just a footballer? What does his involvement in the public life of France inspire in you? Your comments are welcome.