“what they said about me was not true” — foot11.com

PSG, Verratti : « ce qu’on disait sur moi n’était pas vrai »

A difficult adaptation for Verratti

Ten years ago, Marco Verratti decided to leave Italy to join France and Paris. At just 20 years old, the midfielder arrived in the capital with the aim of succeeding in a big European club.

Accustomed to his Italian lands, the PSG player admitted to having had a lot of trouble getting used to Parisian life. “It was very hard to leave my family, my friends. Today, I see football as a profession, but at the time, I saw it as a pleasure. For a long time, I didn’t want to leave everything I had to play football. It was not my dream to turn professional. I just wanted to have fun on a field. And that’s why I stayed in Pescara for so long (2005-2012). I got a lot of offers when I was little, but it was very easy for me to say no. I didn’t want to “throw away” my whole life and my whole adolescence for football. When I decided to sign in Paris, I knew it was a new project. I wanted to be part of that. Ten years later, I have no regrets at all, even if the beginnings were difficult”

Marco Verratti, the Italian star of PSG. (Icon Sports)

The French are cold, according to the Italian

Upon his arrival, Marco Verratti was disturbed by the French attitude, which he quickly judged to be cold. “It’s something I hated at first, but I really like now. It’s that people are cold. When you make a friend in Paris, it’s a real friend. In Italy, we have many friends. (Smile.) I hardly ever go to Milan. But, every time I go there, I meet lots of people who say to me: “Oh, my friend!” “Are you alright my friend ?” It seems like we’re all friends, but, in the end, if you need someone, there aren’t many people left. In France, I have three, four real friends. And, if anything happens at any time of the night, I know I can call them and they’ll be there for me. Not because I am Marco Verratti and I play football” he said for the team.

“This reputation bothered me because…”

And in the first few months, the Italian had the reputation of being a party animal on his back. Many felt that he partied too much and, as a result, was not always 100% on the lawns of Ligue 1. While he admitted to enjoying going out with his friends, he also denied the fact that he had drunken parties all the time. “That reputation bothered me because most of the time it wasn’t true. When you’re a journalist, you have to do things with honesty. If this is true, I take my responsibilities, as it has been the case many times. But I was passed off as someone who went out every night. In the end, it was wrong. People who know me know what I do and who I am. There are times when I knew I could go out, times when I knew I had to rest. And I was 20, it was different. Today, I like going to dinner with my teammates, my friends, but those are things that everyone does. When it was me, it was a problem. Every time we lost a match, we said, “Marco, he’s out.” Once, I was told that I had gone out there, but the club was closed. Another time, it was said that I had spent an evening with the singer Rihanna, but I don’t even know her. You have to be honest. »

Today, Marco Verratti is the most French of Italians. And his love for his adopted country could even make him want to be officially French.