Double Contact – Kendji Girac: “Neymar is right to enjoy and have fun”

Double Contact - Kendji Girac:

RMC Sport has its “culture-sport” section called “Double Contact”. Throughout the year, we offer you intimate and offbeat interviews with artists who are in the news. On the occasion of the release of his project “The school of life”, we met Kendji Girac. The 26-year-old singer talks to us about his connections with football stars, his admiration for Ciryl Gane and his taste for effort.

He does not want to choose sides. When he lands in front of a PSG-OM, Kendji Girac supports both teams at the same time. A footix side that he fully assumes, despite the little teasing of his friends. “I’m a guy who doesn’t like confrontation, argues the 26-year-old singer. ‘there’s always this sporting brawl between them.”

When we meet him for the release of his project “The School of Life” (available since November), Kendji (his real first name) tells us about his connections with the stars of football. He knows in particular Didier Deschamps, the coach of the Blues, but he is especially linked to Kylian Mbappé: “We saw each other quite a few times. We laugh every time we meet, he’s a good guy. This What I like about Kylian is that he’s a simple guy when you see him and talk to him. He laughs easily, he’s nice. He’s a really good guy.”

“I would have liked to hear Mbappé sing”

Last year, Kendji Girac participated in the Enfoirés concert with Bondy’s crack. The recording took place in Montpellier, without an audience due to the Covid pandemic. “Kylian had sung but everyone was singing at the same time, suddenly we couldn’t hear his solo voice well. That’s a little regret that I have, I would have liked to hear him sing. But it was already very nice of him to come for Les Enfoirés and support the Restos du cœur.

In the PSG locker room, the artist of Catalan origin (even if he appreciates Real Madrid more than Barça) also knows Neymar. “I’ve already been to his birthday, he says. We spent an evening together. Neymar is Neymar. He’s a guy who was a champion at the age of 5 I think. He is in his world, in his thing, but he’s not mean. You have to enjoy too, you have to relax, sometimes let everything go, have fun and he’s right.”

“We write to each other from time to time with Payet”

For some time, Kendji has also been in touch with Dimitri Payet, OM’s playmaker: “I know him well. He’s a very good player and also a good guy. We met in a restaurant there. a few years ago. We took advantage of our evening, we chatted and we exchanged our numbers. From time to time, we write to each other. I ask him for short videos for cousins ​​of mine.”

Passionate about combat sports, the guitarist from the gypsy community admires Mike Tyson, “unequaled technique and power”, Conor McGregor, “his style, his career and his arrogance”, or even Ciryl Gane, “I am proud of to have a French fighter like him”.

“I love the suffering of sport”

Kendji himself spends quite a lot off the stage and the studios: “I am one of those people who like the suffering of sport. After a session, your body is tired but it’s a good tiredness”. After starting with rugby in Périgueux, in the Dordogne, like all his school friends (he also broke his nose on a tackle), he practiced football, skiing and several extreme sports. Without forgetting the noble art, even if he avoids putting on the gloves too often so as not to damage his guitarist’s fingers.

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