Foot PSG – PSG: Mbappé and Messi attacked, compromising holidays!

Foot PSG - PSG: Mbappé and Messi attacked, compromising holidays!

It’s not just on the pitch that things aren’t in place at Paris Saint-Germain. Kylian Mbappé, Achraf Hakimi and Lionel Messi are accused of having cut a little too much after the World Cup.

There have been five games since the resumption for PSG and there is really nothing to jump to the ceiling for the followers of the capital club. The Parisian club was undefeated this season, but everything fell apart against Lens and Rennes. But even during the successes against Strasbourg (at the last second), against Châteauroux in the Coupe de France (there was 1-1 with 15 minutes remaining) and Angers (in a very lackluster match), Paris SG did not failed to regain its flamboyant and serene side of the start of the season. A worrying observation one month before the match against Bayern Munich, even if Christophe Galtier still made it clear that the impact of the World Cup was real on his troops.

But the setback in Rennes on Sunday dismisses the theory of the accident at work in Lens. There is a problem as soon as the level of the game rises and the intensity climbs several notches. The explanation is simple for Jacques Vendroux, for whom PSG is simply an aging team. “ They get into the sauce. I think we have to accept once and for all that the 6 or 7 executives are aging players. From time to time, they will go out on the big game, against Bayern Munich. On the length, a Marquinhos, a Ramos, even Messi any world champion he is, he is aging. This is also the case for Verratti, they are no longer at their top level. And at some point, you pay for it. It’s not normal to lose against Rennes in these conditions “, delivered the journalist now on Europe 1, and who does not forget to point out that the Breton club was not in its best period before playing against PSG.

The republic of gamers is back?

Parisian players who therefore no longer make any differences, and who are not necessarily pushed to the maximum by their club. This is also believed by the former voice of the multiplex on France Inter, for whom the Republic of Players still exists at PSG, while Luis Campos had to tighten the screw on his arrival. This is not the case according to Jacques Vendroux, very severe against Mbappé, Hakimi and Messi for their break period after the World Cup.

There is this aging side, and also the impression of a lack of authority at the highest level. Let Mbappé go rest with Hakimi in the United States, why not. But anyway, it can wait four months anyway. He cannot stay in Paris quietly. That Mr. Messi takes three months to swallow his World Cup while celebrating with his people and his friends, why not, but it must not last 100 years. There is this aging side but they have an interest in questioning themselves very very quickly otherwise it will be a very bad mayonnaise against Bayern Munich “Warned Jacques Vendroux, for whom PSG clearly did not start the machine in this second part of the season. This allows him at least to afford a continuation of the championship with suspense, the solo rider planned at first being no longer appropriate with the rise in the classification of Lens and OM in particular. Perhaps also a way to wake up Paris Saint-Germain.