Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar at worst, he will drop the case!

Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar at worst, he will drop the case!

PSG conceded a new defeat this Sunday evening in Ligue 1 against Rennes. The performance of certain players, like Neymar, annoys. The Brazilian has lost his mind in football since the World Cup failure, some observers say.

The French champions are experiencing some major difficulties at the start of 2023. If PSG had been perfect before the truce linked to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Christophe Galtier’s men have already experienced defeat twice. against Lens then Rennes. In addition to the poor results, it is the manner and the level of play of some who worry. Among the players who are struggling to regain their level, we can mention Neymar Jr. The Brazilian, very marked by the early elimination of his selection during the World Cup, no longer displays the level which was his at the start of the season. Between nonchalance, annoyance and provocations, Neymar will have to find the right ingredients to get back on their feet very quickly, otherwise they will experience further disappointment with PSG. For Jean-Claude Darmon, the former Barça is showing worrying signs.

Neymar irrecoverable at PSG?

On the antennaEuropean 1the businessman and big fan of football has indeed not made in the language of wood about the Brazilian. “Paris Saint-Germain were undefeated until December, maybe you all forgot about that. And they are the same players. The World Cup is over. PSG only have morally and physically exhausted internationals. There is not a player who enters the field thinking that he does not want to win. Unmotivated? I can not believe it. But the psychological aspect weighs heavily. There are players who fight and players who let go. Neymar, I have the impression that he will not assume the failure of the World Cup. It weighs heavily in his life.said Jean-Claude Darmon, not totally reassured by the end of the season that Neymar could do.

Neymar is woken up by Christophe Galtier

Regarding the rest of the team, he thinks like many fans and observers, that some players from Christophe Galtier’s team are not at the level of a project like that of PSG. However, the Parisian players largely held their rank during the Qatar meeting. Lionel Messi won the title, Kylian Mbappé was untenable and top scorer, and Achraf Hakimi caused a stir with Morocco. On the other hand, for the Brazilians, it turned into a disaster since even Marquinhos seems to have dropped morally after the failure against Croatia, where he was personally involved. A heavy situation that Christophe Galtier wants his troops to forget, as he confided after the defeat in Rennes.

“If it’s a question of time, it’s urgent. Obviously we’re going to have to find a lot more play and binder between the lines. We need to find a lot more rhythm, intensity and technical relationship between each other. I’m not going to talk about worry, but there has to be awareness. We can find 1000 excuses, but the World Cup is over., recalled the PSG coach, who does not want to pay for the broken pots of this quirky world calendar with a World Cup in the middle of the season. For the PSG, it will be necessary that the stars and in particular Neymar make lie the birds of bad omen, which envisaged a Brazilian much less concentrated after the World Cup. It’s up to “Ney” to react, otherwise the rest of the season could seem very long. And even the rest of his career at PSG.