Kylian Mbappé – Rose Bertram’s luxurious lifestyle revealed, an immense fortune

Kylian Mbappé - Rose Bertram's luxurious lifestyle revealed, an immense fortune

From the relationship between Kylian Mbappé and Rose Bertram, a Spanish media returns to it and affirms that they would indeed be a couple! The fortune of the blonde has also been revealed.

When it comes to the sentimental life of the star striker of Paris Saint-Germain, we no longer know where to turn as the rumors about him follow one another. And sometimes they contradict each other.

For the Spanish media Quiero, there would be no doubt that the balloon artist would be in a relationship with the attractive 27-year-old Belgian, mother of two children.
They would share many passions.

Kylian Mbappé and Rose Bertram love sport, their careers are crowned with success and they like to live life to the fullest. Far from their work, they don’t hesitate to show off their luxurious lifestyle,” says Quiero.
And to continue: “Travel, luxury cars, ostentatious jewelry”.

If the Real Madrid striker is supposed to be at the head of a fortune estimated at 160 million euros, Rose Bertram would also have a well-stocked bank account. His fortune is estimated at 3 million euros.