PSG – Warren Zaire-Emery, story of an upgrade: “But it’s not possible, he’s only 16?!”

PSG - Warren Zaire-Emery, story of an upgrade:

We took Christophe Galtier for a chilly person. Asked Tuesday about the possibility of seeing Warren Zaire-Emery holder against Angers (2-0), the Parisian coach had these heavy words about the 16-year-old kid. “Warren? Ah yes, he is capable of starting a league game and even a Champions League gamehe replied tac-au-tac. That, I am convinced of and we have all been convinced of this for some time. What comforts me in our analysis is that our great players have the same outlook as us.“.

Wednesday, the titi was only entitled to 11 minutes of play. But Galtier had not been afraid and had not lied. He saw his colt ready to play the leading roles. Sunday, for the shock against Rennes (1-0), the native of Montreuil therefore had his first tenure in L1. At 16 years and 313 days, making him the youngest player in club history to play in the top flight. In defeat, he was one of the least resigned. Strong in duels, clean with the ball and sometimes inspired in his projections, he proved Galtier right. Seeing him walking around in his adult size (1.78m, 70 kg), it is impossible to guess that he is only sixteen years old.

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The word that sums him up the most about him is maturitysays José Alcocer, U16 coach at the head of the U17s during the last Euro won by the young French shooters. He’s a kid of his age, great in spirit, a little reserved but with character. But in his game and in the lives of all the players, he shows real maturity. If his civil age is 16, his footballing age is higher“.

Warren Zaire Emery, the young talent of PSG.

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Upgraded upon his arrival at PSG

The story of Zaire-Emery does not say otherwise. Born in Montreuil, the kid took his license in Aubervilliers when he was four years old. He won’t be there long. Paris spotted talent and, in 2014, at the age of 8, he signed his first feat…at the Stade de France. During the chicks final, before the Coupe de la Ligue final between PSG and OL, he distinguished himself with a goal in the top corner. Already, at the time, he was ahead.

At the PSG association, they do not necessarily have the habit of outclassing playersrecalls Anthony Vivien, head of the Les Titis site at PSG, who has followed his evolution over the long term. He was one of the rare exceptions. It then continued in pre-training, training and even with the national selections. It proves that we are dealing with a phenomenon, but a phenomenon with a full head. Behind his shy and reserved looks, in the middle of the locker room, by his physique and his evolution in recent months, we have the impression of dealing with a 25-year-old player“.
Upgraded, he was also last summer when he participated in Euro U17 with the Blues. Arriving in Israel with embarrassment, Zaire-Emery started the tournament as a substitute. To finish him as a jack of all trades for this team, notably with a magnificent pawn in the semi-final against Portugal. “When we take a player in the category below, it’s to be a starter, otherwise we let him grow in his place. Normally I had to have the best 2005s. If a 2006 comes to us, it’s because the kid is exceptional in its category, which it was.rewinds Alcocer. Because of his quality as a player and his human quality, I can tell you that he made things easier as soon as he came back. He made things simple and everyone around him tuned in“.

Warren Zaire-Emery after his goal against Portugal at Euro U17 2022

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An “evidence” that imposed itself on Galtier

Basically a habit. From an early age and whatever the levels, Zaire-Emery has always appeared as the kid above the fray. “It’s true that him, it’s obviousrecognizes Anthony Vivien. It looks like the football fairies hovered over his cradle when he was born. When it started, I had some feedback on the PSG association. But kids who are 8, 9, 10 years old full of talent, there are plenty. This is not indicative of the sequel. But from the pre-training, it was confirmed. All his coaches told me about it and he impressed me from his first tournaments. I remember a tournament in Madrid where he was voted best player. His coach told me ‘if you saw what he did in the first game…’. Behind, I looked for streaming to watch these matches, it was impressive! He was a head taller than everyone else, he was exceptional. It was his first year of pre-training, I immediately understood who we were dealing with“.

This “obviousness” ended up imposing itself on Christophe Galtier. Impressed by the maturity of the kid during the internship in Japan, he decides to offer him his first minutes as a pro on the first day, in Clermont. He is not the only one to have grasped the scope of the phenomenon. Last year, Zaire-Emery joined the agency of Jorge Mendes. Since then, the famous Portuguese agent has been confirmed in his choice. “Who’s that kid you took into your stable? It’s an alien!“, would have entrusted Vitinha to him, according to France Bleu.

Some youngsters are mature off the pitch but when they play, you say to yourself ‘ah yes, he’s a little youngster’confirms José Alcocer. Him, all the answers he gives are good, logical, coherent. In fact, he has an accuracy of play that is very rare at his age. Technically, tactically, in the engagement: he is stunning everywhere. We have the impression that he does very simple things but in detail, it’s stunning: either he goes very quickly, or he does right foot – left foot, he is able to play long. Its accuracy is technical, tactical, athletic and even mental. He never gives up, it’s incredible! In the end, when you look at all this, you think ‘but it’s not possible, he’s only 16 years old?!’“.

The 2020s belong to Warren

His rise is such that Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier have dismissed the idea of ​​recruiting midfielders to make room for him. Dubbed by the Parisian cracks, he is also so by the management of the club. Zaire-Emery is also that: a very full head. “We don’t see him much but he listens, he observes a lotfurther details the U16 coach. But when you talk to him, he has very logical, very relevant reasoning. He finished second in the eloquence contest organized by PSG, I read his speech, it was fantastic. That sums up his character very well: he’s not the one we hear the most, but when he speaks or when he takes the ball, there you say to yourself ‘ah yeah, we’re dealing with someone who has things to do or things to say‘”.

At the head of the PSG U19s, Zoumana Camara quickly understood, too, that it would be difficult for him not to succumb to the charm of the prodigy. “We can only appreciate it. He is respectful, hardworking, attentive. He has an extraordinary maturity. The footballer is talented, he has above average technical quality, great endurance and acceleration, he has a bit of everything, in fact (laughs). He’s one of the greatest hopes I’ve had“, he admitted recently to L’Equipe.

So here is Zaire-Emery definitely launched into the professional deep end. In the biggest current French club, in one of the most competitive squads in Europe. With the dream for some Parisian supporters to see him win over the long term. “We often have a midfielder per decade at the club: he is in the line of Luis Fernandez, Pierre Ducrocq, Clément Chantôme and Adrien Rabiot. The 2020s belong to Warren“, thus hopes Anthony Vivien. History that the fairy tale of the overclassed does not stop there…

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