Top Claims: Neymar, Mbapp, Hland, Beckenbauer, Ronaldo… Football world pays tribute to Pel

Top Claims: Neymar, Mbapp, Hland, Beckenbauer, Ronaldo... Football world pays tribute to Pel

Neymar, Mbapp, Hland, Beckenbauer, Ronaldo… Discover the tributes from the world of football after the death of King Pel.

Pel died Thursday aged 82.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten declarations of the week that should not be missed. Following the death of the legendary Pel, the editorial team has chosen to pay tribute to the King by compiling the most beautiful tributes that have been paid to him since Thursday.

1. Neymar- Before Pel, 10 was just a number. I read this sentence somewhere. But this beautiful phrase is incomplete. I would say that before Pel, football was just a sport. Pel changed everything (on 12/29/2022, Instagram)

2. Erling Hland – Everything you see any player do, Pel did it first (on 12/29/2022, Twitter)

3. His ex-teammate Franz Beckenbauer – Football lost the greatest in its history today – and I lost a unique friend. Football will be you forever (on 12/30/2022, Twitter)

4. His heir Kylian Mbapp – The king of football has left us, but his legacy will never be forgotten, rest in peace King (on 12/29/2022, Twitter)

5. Brazilian President Lula – I had the privilege that the young Brazilians didn’t have: I saw Pel play, live. Play, no. I saw Pel put on a show (on 12/30/2022, press release)

6. Jrgen Klopp – No matter what happens in the future, Pel was the best, don’t forget that. (…) No matter what team he plays with now, she will have a decent player(on 30/12/2022, Sky Sports)

7. Michel Platini – He was Monsieur Football, the history of football, the discovery of football, all of football. (…) At school, I signed “Pelatini”. (…) He was no longer a man, he was no longer a footballer, he was the God of football (on 29/12/2022, The Team)

8.Ronaldo- Unique. Great. Technical. Creative. Perfect. Where Pel came, he stayed. Without ever leaving the top, he leaves us today. (…) Your talent is a school that all players should go through. Your legacy will transcend generations. And that’s how he will stay alive. Today and always, we celebrate you. Thanks, Pel. Rest in peace (on 12/29/2022, Twitter)

9. David Ginola – He was untouchable, something impossible to reach. (…) Having been a footballer, we realize that we are very small compared to him (on 30/12/2022, Franceinfo)

10. His assistant Marcus – I am very sad. It’s a great motion, it’s a great one of this world who is leaving. I’m very bad. We’ve been together for 40 years, that’s all my life (on 12/30/2022, RMC)

11. Cristiano Ronaldo- A simple ‘goodbye’ to the ternal king Pel will never be enough to express the pain that grips everyone in football at the moment. An inspiration for so many millions of people, a reference of yesterday, today, forever (on 12/29/2022, Instagram)

12. Romario – Edson Arantes do Nascimento bent the world before his talent, taking Brazilian football to the altar of the gods (on 12/29/2022, Twitter)

13. Former French international Fleury Di Nallo – At the time, it was fashionable to make little bridges. (…) And he made me one. On the run. I stayed scotch. Usually I made them! I am short (1.67m). So I had not very high legs but he had found the place! He is the only one who has succeeded! Nobody ever made me a little bridge (on 12/30/2022, AFP)

14. Gianni Infantino – Today we all mourn the loss of his presence, but Pel attained immortality long ago and will remain with us forever. (on 12/29/2022, press release)

15. Didier Deschamps – Who hasn’t dreamed, as a child, of being Pel? (on 12/29/2022, press release)

It is with this declaration that the Top Declarations of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!