Another defeat for amorphous Parisians… Relive the live with us

Another defeat for amorphous Parisians… Relive the live with us

10:45 p.m .: Definitely the PSG has a lot of trouble getting back in touch since the return of the World Cup. Second defeat in three games for a contender for Europe, even if MBappé should have equalized quietly on his huge opportunity. It’s only 3 points ahead of Lens, five over OM… What if? Come on, I’ll let you think about it, bye everyone:



95th : Flavien Tait who scratches the little whistle that goes well… It’s almost done for Rennes

93rd : It’s the siege in the Rennes surface, Sergio Ramos camps as in his finest hours in Madrid but for the moment it does not smile on him

90th : The Parisians will have six minutes to save the furniture. And they have just toasted a small opportunity with this control of Neymar too long under a drizzle which turns into a tornado with force

87th : And then let’s note a certain maturity on the Rennes side with a team that skilfully saves time, by exaggerating the contacts just right, by multiplying the changes to break the rhythm, it looks like Cholo from the great era

84th : Messi who misses a fairly easy ladle for him while Mbappé was waiting for the offering. Well the impression that it will not do for Paris tonight


The acceleration of Mustang Mbappé who manages to straighten his center at the last moment. Bernat takes the time to control and frame his recovery. She leaves full helm but Steve ensures the shot

78th : On the other hand, Rennes, which is losing a new striker with Kalimuendo, is starting to do a lot in the long term. Especially since good Doku and Suleimana is not foolproof

75th : Carlos Soler to unblock the situation? Yeah I believe in Totof way to your story there. Not congratulations Luis Campos for your summer transfer window

73rd : Well Bayern it’s still a month away and there’s time to ramp up but what PSG has been offering since the takeover is not sexy chocolate at all at all at all

70th : I can’t believe what Kyky just missed. He took a good look at the assistant referee afterwards to be saved by a raised flag but no Kylian, you just messed up your duel miserably


All alone in space, he is not offside at all and only has to execute Mandanda by closing his foot as usual, but he hits way too hard. Miracle for Rennes


Hakimi a little too soft in the duel with Truffert who comes out with the ball. He only has to give it to his alter ego in the background who crosses it out of reach of Donnarumma. Opening of the deserved score for Rennes

61st : Hm not catholic this tackle in full surface on Juan Bernat. Wooh maybe happy that the VAR does not take a little trick in the microphone of the referee

59th : I didn’t tell you that Galtier had also launched Hakimi, it should help PSG to finally show us something in this match, while Majer wastes a new cartridge on a free kick


Free kick as low as it is powerful, a nice dive from Donnarumma who looks unbeatable tonight even if the ball may have gone wide

54th : Entry of Kylian Mbappé to the applause of the Rennes public and even with a pat from Pep Genesio. It will be less fair play when he has planted a double in five minutes

51st : Small point Spanish Supercup for those who are interested. Barça easily won 3-1 against Real, confirming that something is going on with Xavi


The Portuguese trucker finds himself alone at six meters to box in the cage a golden cross from Neymar but he does not target any specific area and that allows Mandanda to take it out a little miraculously. Big scare for the Genesio boys

46th : Come on, let’s go again and I’m going to correct my impression of vitinha who has at least been active in recovery

9:32 p.m .: Half-time in Rennes. First half disappointing most of the time, even if it got a little lively in the last quarter of an hour. The Bretons almost deserve to be ahead; Almost.

42nd : Oh Lionel who obviously stayed in Rosario. Movement launched as in the good old days with Bernat in place of Jordi Alba. There’s more than to slip the flat foot of the families, but it remains in the racket as we say in Melbourne


But Donnarumma is hot tonight, he relaxes without a thrill despite the treacherous bounce right in front of him

34th : Vitinha I was suspicious of his start to the season a little too good to be true and it seems that I did well. The Portuguese for three months is Benjamin Stambouli when he arrived ten years ago. Not a forward pass, puff on impact…

30th : Gigio still hard at work. He releases this inward and vicious free kick from Majer with his fist. Rennes doesn’t go out a lot, but it’s effective every time

27th: DECISIVE DONNARUMMA (especially well placed)

The Breton hedgehog that finally stings. Good cross from Truffert for the recovery in one touch from Kalimuendou who unfortunately does not manage to decenter his flat foot enough. Donnarumma is solid on his feet

25th : I would love to tell you exciting things or even just things, but what do you want, it’s like August 15th at 9am. NOTHING’S HAPPENING

21st : Vitinha in turn imprecise from afar. But the Rennais are starting to retreat, retreat, retreat… beware of the administrative sanction


A gesture that he has succeeded a thousand times in his career even if he is a little further than his usual comfort zone. Finally a movement of Parisian stature, Neymar had made the right call in the back but the young Zaire-Emery did not succeed in the deep pass which was essential

15th : Zzzzzzzzzzzz promising match on paper = total hassle over the first quarter of an hour.

12th : Zaire Emery we do not see him much with the ball, but without, he goes into contact. Little Truffert has just visited the Vilaine on this ball along the sidelines. On the other hand I did not sign for a fight UFC

9th : “Martin all the people of Rennes are behind you”. The nice message of the Breton kop for Terrier, gone for a long convalescence. He is likely to be missed by his friends until the end of the season

7th : The first wick of Kalimuendo. Donnarumma does not have to strain too much but it rewards a good Rennes sequence from the good shift of Gouiri to the forward control of the former Lensois and Parisians

4th : Neymar is already taking a nice stamp of Wooh it will perhaps make him want to go and rub shoulders with the Breton central defense right away. Very physical start to the match, lots of duels and little football

1st: WE’RE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:45 p.m. : Rennes who are looking for a 9th victory in a row at home. Wow.

8:40 p.m. : BOdmer’s informed opinions, always a pleasure

8:35 p.m. : Know that while waiting for the kick-off I am the final of the Supercup of Spain, Barça has just opened the scoring thanks to Gavi in ​​the 33rd.

8:01 p.m. : And a little surprise on the Parisian side, Mbappé, who is coming back from vacation, will start on the bench. Unlike the young prodigy of the Parisian formation Zaire-Emery, who we will see at work in a big league match.

7:58 p.m. : Pep genesio goes five behind for this great occasion, as he sometimes did with OL. Very excited by the presence of DOué in the middle

7:55 p.m .: Hello la familia, the compositions have fallen just now, I won’t make you wait any longer before going to eat a little bit and resume this live!

Nothing better to end this nice weekend than a Rennes-PSG poster in a boiling hot Roazhon Park. Especially since the Parisians find their infernal trio Messi-Neymar-Mbappé for the first time since November, before the World Cup in Qatar, which should do good for the red and blue attack, not folichonne since the resumption of the championship. With the Lensois success on Saturday evening against AJA, Christophe Galtier’s men are only three points ahead of the Sang et Or and a victory this evening is imperative. Especially since opposite, it is not necessarily the great form on the Breton side with a Stade Rennais which remains on a defeat in Clermont and which lost Martin Terrier until the end of the season.

>> See you around 8:30 p.m. to follow this latch all together