Foot PSG – PSG is collapsing and Galtier is an accomplice!

Foot PSG – PSG is collapsing and Galtier is an accomplice!

Simple slack or deeper problem? PSG can no longer convince in Ligue 1 and this does not provoke any reaction from Christophe Galtier, who risks suffering the same fate as Mauricio Pochettino if it continues.

The November crisis is a distant memory for PSG supporters, who often saw their team liquefy at this time of the season, costing the place of many coaches in the 1990s and 2000s. But Paris SG is getting to know the January crisis. Since the resumption, the level of play has been insufficient, and if poor performances have been narrowly avoided, especially against Strasbourg, the two defeats against Lens and Rennes have had the gift of putting their noses at the heart of the problems. Paris has lost its luster, and above all does not seem capable of reacting as soon as an opponent puts its head under water and has a semblance of control.

Worrying in view of the upcoming Champions League matches, and in particular the double confrontation against Bayern Munich. But more than the sporting result or the form of the moment, it is the attitude of Christophe Galtier who is also singled out. Lionel Messi and Neymar were kept on the pitch despite their seamless performance at Rennes, and the Brazilian was even supported by his manager. A fairly logical mark of support as Galtier will not shoot down the one who was one of the best in the first part of the season. But that nevertheless means a lot in the eyes of Thierry Bretagne, for whom the PSG coach is absolutely not free of his movements, and the good resolutions of the start of the season have already been shattered.

Why does Galtier not raise his voice?

Result, the journalist from Europe 1 sees Christophe Galtier transforming himself shortly into Mauricio Pochettino by undergoing the return of the Republic of players which prevents the coaches from making strong choices. “ The first person in charge, he is not on the ground but he is in the process of “Pochettinoiser”. That is to say that he is in the process of swallowing with a certain elegance a certain number of snakes, which are consubstantial with the function I have the impression. The problem is that this team was useless against Rennes. It’s unbelievable that a team built like that to shine with a thousand lights can’t manage to frame more than one miserable shot in 90 minutes. It’s catastrophic. They know each other a bit, don’t they? They trained a bit anyway between two exhibition matches. It is inconceivable what is happening. He should be screaming Father Galtier. But we understand it. It must have been an inner anger that he camouflaged quite well. The syndrome of the button which can be activated for the Champions League, it does not work half the time. We’re scared “, delivered Thierry Bretagne, who believes that Christophe Galtier should raise the tone with these two defeats in three games, even if these are the only two defeats of the season on the Parisian side.