Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar in mourning and in depression, it’s confirmed

Foot PSG - PSG: Neymar in mourning and in depression, it's confirmed

All of Brazil is still reeling from the disappointment of the World Cup. In a country so crazy about football, Neymar’s failure is such that the PSG player has not digested either. This has been seen in recent weeks.

“It’s a hard blow, I don’t know. I think it’s worse than losing a family member.”. This is how Richarlison has described on ESPN in recent days the disappointment of having failed to win the World Cup that he already saw himself lifting, a sixth star that a whole people already saw themselves sporting. A huge disappointment that will not be easy to digest for the one who carried the hopes of an entire country: Neymar. Moreover, despite his return to the times of a short vacation in Brazil, the “Ney” has clearly not shown his best face with PSG in recent weeks. Excluded against Strasbourg, he went through the last games like a ghost, even being for the first time this season not decisive in two games in a row. It has been more than 200 minutes since he touched a ball in an opposing penalty area.

Unimaginable pressure for Neymar

Has PSG lost Neymar? If so, for the rest of the season? Questions arise but the theory of a post-World Cup depression is on the table. Rightly according to Marcelo Courrège, journalist for the Brazilian channel TV Globo and follower of Neymar in particular. The image of mourning thus returns to the fore. ” It is impossible to imagine in France, the weight that weighed on the shoulders of Neymar and the hopes he represented for the Brazilian people during this World Cup. Why do you think Messi took so long to have a flamboyant style and bring Argentina to victory? Because, as with Neymar, the pressure is immense. This defeat, for him, is comparable to a bereavement. He is devastated because he knows that for the first time he had the team around him to help him become world champion. And it’s not nothing. For the Brazilian people, he may win four Champions League and even be crowned Golden Ball, he will only become a legend if he is world champion “, explained Marcelo Courrège in the columns of Parisian.

A finding that demonstrates the terrible pressure that weighs on the number 10 of PSG, which will have difficulty moving on, even if the Champions League and high-stakes matches should help. A new Neymar will return, on pain of falling even lower in depression. ” His drop in motivation is understandable, but temporary, it will be evacuated as the Champions League approaches. His season would be terrible if it ended prematurely in this competition as well. I think we can be sure that he will do everything to win it “Warned the Globo journalist, convinced that PSG can count on a vengeful Neymar in the coming weeks. But for the moment, this Neymar, eager to do well and save his season, is not there.