Navas, Neymar, the sale of the Park…

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Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Keylor Navas in the sights of three clubs, the morale of Neymar. When Anne Hidalgo wanted to sell the Parc des Princes…

In today’s edition, the team made its cover of the 30 who make French football. the PSG is well represented in this ranking. The details of the latter will be found in a few minutes on the site. About PSG in daily sports, the future of Keylor Navas. Lining of Gianluigi Donnarummathe Costa Rican porter finds the time long and would like to leave the PSG this winter.

The sports daily explains that the PSG still hopes to find a way out for the Costa Rican international (36). Still under contract until June 2024 with Paris, Navas could have left last summer but his emoluments (12 million euros per year) have repelled several interested clubs, such as Napleswho wanted a loan and only pay 25% of their remuneration. Six months later, he still arouses envy. To replace David Ospina injured, Al Nassr did well with the former Madrid player. The Saudi club is a little more pressing even if the prospect of joining theSaudi Arabia is not necessarily his number one wish. He would prefer to stay in Europe in a competitive championship, even if he is far from having rejected this lead. This championship could be the Premier Leaguea destination that “ would appeal to him more. “Two English clubs would have inquired about his situation, Nottingham Forest and Bournemoutheven if the name of the latter has not been filtered ensures the team but ” from English sources, he could be the other contender in the ranks. “Despite the financial windfall of English clubs, the salary of Navas would be a major obstacle. The two clubs of Premier League have not yet contacted the PSG ensures daily sports. The Rouge & Bleu leave the door open for Navasfailing to do so Sergio Rico. But its management is waiting to see to what extent these first approaches become real offers.“, concludes the team.

The sports daily also mentions the mini-tour of the PSG in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This last ” does not only make people happy internally. The economic aspect has taken precedence over the sporty aspect“, strikes Arnaud Hermant. The journalist explains that without the friendly match against a selection of the best players from the Saudi clubs ofAl Nassr and D’Al-Hilal Thursday, which was to be played last year but was postponed due to the covidthe PSGwould not have set foot in this region of the world in 2022-2023. “The financial aspect is far from neutral in this trip, ” while the club’s accounts have shown very heavy deficits in recent seasons and the financial fair play of theUEFA has already sanctioned it for its budget stalls and threatens to be even more severe if its accounting situation does not improve. » The Team who also explains that sportingly speaking, the advantages seem more difficult to find, especially during a week with a single match, ” in which Christophe Galtier and his staff could have tried to bring the Parisians back to physical and tactical level, who are showing disparate states of form at the start of the year. “There is also a risk of injury, even if it is a friendly match, less than a month from the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League against the Bayern Munich.

The Parisian also looks back on this 48-hour express trip to Qatar and in Saudi Arabia. As the teamthe Ile-de-France daily explains that this trip divides internally “ between sporting interests on the one hand and financial interests on the other. A gap between two visions that defeats at lens (1-3) and to reindeer (0-1) only accentuate. » This match is a constraint for Christophe Galtier and his staff. ” Because it is unthinkable that Messi, Mbappe Where Neymar do not play at least 45 minutes in this match. “The Parisian staff would have liked to prepare for the round of 16 of French Cup in the calm of Lodge Camp. ” But the PSG has no choice. Do not go to Doha then to Riyadh would cost him a lot of money. Conversely, going there earns him between ten and fifteen million euros.“, assures The Parisian.

In the Ile-de-France daily life, there is also talk of Neymar and its morale after the elimination of the Brazil in the quarter-finals of the world Cup. The Parisian explain that Neymar is the Globalist who bears the most physical and mental stigma of Global to Qatar. Despite this, within the PSGthere is no doubtu next comeback in form of his number 10. » Hit in the ankle against the Serbia (November 24), the Brazilian (30) has probably not regained all the fluidity of his articulation. ” A mild sprain can heal between 10 days and 3 weeks, but the total healing time is estimated at six weeks. […]I will not be surprised if there is still an unconscious blockage and that he still has some apprehension” , Explain Alain Simonformer doctor of PSG and of theFrench team. But the part most affected, and which will be the most difficult to heal, is the mental pain of eliminating the Seleçao. Despite that, ” there is no reason to imagine Neymar not regaining its level of the first part of the season, ensures Marcelo Courregejournalist of Globe TVwhich follows the career of Neymar since he started. His lack of motivation is understandable, but temporary, it will evacuate as the day approaches. Champions League.

Anne Hidalgothe mayor of Parisreignited the debate on the sale of the Princes Park last weekend. The latter explained that the historic Rouge & Bleu enclosure was not for sale and that it was a firm and final decision. But the chosen one did not have the same speech a few months ago. The Parisian indeed explains thatAnne Hidalgoeven tried to convince the opposition to vote in favor of a sale a few months ago. In October 2015, she got closer to Nasser al-Khelaifi in the context of discussions surrounding the sale of the Princes Parkassures the Ile-de-France daily, which explains that according to its information, “hasBefore the last municipal elections in 2020, an agreement in principle was even reached between the two parties. Only, after his re-election, Anne Hidalgofaced with the observation that its elected ecologists and communists would vote against this possible transaction in Council of Paristhen turned to the opposition. The Ile-de-France daily explains that there was lobbying to convince the opposition to vote for the sale of the Park. ” This would have allowed him to reduce the City’s debt without a tax increase. “assured an elected official Parisian. The latter explains that even if in the entourage of the mayor it is explained that she never gave her agreement to the PSG on the sale of Park, according to his information, the sale has long remained the preferred scenario. ” Only the relationship between the PSG and the City of Paris have become tense“, in particular because of the refusal to install giant screens in order to broadcast the world Cup. ” Nasser al-Khelaifi made this decision very badly. The president of PSG then lit the first fuse, at the end of November against the City of Paris about the sale that was long overdue in his eyes. »